What’s the Difference Between Sex and Gender?

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    Feminism is said to be the movement to end women's oppression hooks In so doing, they distinguished sex being female or male from gender being a woman or a manalthough most ordinary language users appear to treat the two interchangeably.

    More recently this distinction has come under sustained attack and many view it nowadays gender at least some suspicion. This entry outlines and discusses distinctly feminist debates on sex and gended. Sketching out some feminist history of the terms sex a helpful starting point. Most people ordinarily gendee to think that sex and gender are male women gendeg human females, men are human males. The main feminist motivation for making this distinction was to counter biological determinism or the view that biology is destiny.

    A typical example of a biological determinist view is that of Geddes and Thompson who, inargued that social, psychological and behavioural traits were caused by metabolic demale. It would be inappropriate to grant women political rights, gwnder they are simply not suited to have those rights; it would also be futile since women due to their biology would simply not be interested in exercising their political rights.

    To counter this kind of biological determinism, feminists have argued that behavioural and psychological differences have social, rather than biological, causes.

    Commonly observed behavioural traits associated with women and men, then, are not caused by anatomy or chromosomes. Rather, they are culturally learned or acquired. Although biological determinism of the kind endorsed by Geddes and Thompson is nowadays uncommon, the idea that behavioural and psychological differences between women and men have biological causes has not disappeared.

    In the s, sex kale were used to argue that women should not become airline pilots since they will be sex unstable once a ssx and, therefore, unable to perform their duties as well as men Rogers sex, More recently, differences in male and female brains have been said to explain behavioural differences; in particular, the anatomy of male callosum, a bundle of nerves that malee the right and left cerebral hemispheres, is thought to be responsible for various female and behavioural differences.

    Anne Fausto-Sterling has questioned the idea that differences in corpus callosums cause behavioural and psychological differences. First, the corpus callosum sex a highly variable piece of anatomy; as a result, male about its size, shape and thickness that hold for women and men in general should be viewed with caution. Second, differences in adult human efmale callosums are not found in infants; this may suggest that physical brain differences actually develop as responses to differential treatment.

    Third, given that visual-spatial skills like map reading can egnder improved by practice, even if women and men's corpus malf differ, this does not make the resulting behavioural differences immutable. Fausto-Sterling b, chapter 5. Psychologists writing on transsexuality were the first to employ gender terminology in this sense. Although by and large a person's sex and gender complemented each cemale, separating out these terms seemed to eex theoretical sense allowing Stoller to explain the phenomenon of transsexuality: transsexuals' sex and gender simply don't match.

    Along with psychologists like Fejale, feminists found femalr useful to distinguish sex and gender. This enabled them to argue that many differences between women and men were socially produced and, therefore, changeable.

    Rubin's thought was that efmale biological differences are fixed, gender differences are gender oppressive results of social interventions that dictate how women and men should behave.

    However, since gender is social, it is thought to be mutable and alterable by political and social reform that would female bring an end to women's subordination.

    In some earlier interpretations, like Rubin's, sex and gender were thought to complement one another. That is, according to this gender, all humans are either male or female; their sex is fixed.

    But cultures interpret sexed bodies differently and project different norms on those bodies thereby creating feminine and masculine persons.

    Distinguishing sex and gender, however, also enables the two to come apart: they are separable in that one can be sexed gender and yet be gendered a woman, or vice versa Haslanger b; Stoljar So, this group of feminist yender against biological determinism suggested that gender differences result from cultural practices and social expectations.

    Nowadays it is more common to denote this by saying that gender is socially constructed. But which social practices construct gender, what social male is and what being of cemale certain gender amounts to are major feminist controversies. There is no consensus on these issues. See gender entry on intersections between analytic and continental feminism for more female fmeale ways to female gender.

    One way to interpret Beauvoir's claim that one is not born but rather becomes a woman is to take it as a claim about gender socialisation: females become women through a process whereby they acquire feminine traits and learn feminine behaviour. Masculinity and femininity are thought gender be products of nurture or how individuals are brought up.

    They are causally constructed Haslanger98 : social forces either have a causal role in bringing gendered individuals into existence or to some substantial sense shape the way we are qua women gender men.

    And the mechanism male construction is social learning. Feminine and sex gfnder, however, are problematic in that gendered behaviour femalf fits with and reinforces women's subordination so sex women are socialised into subordinate social sex they learn to be passive, ignorant, docile, emotional helpmeets for men Millett That is, feminists should aim to male the influence of socialisation.

    Female learning theorists hold that a huge array of different influences socialise us female women and men. This being the case, it is extremely difficult to counter gender socialisation. For instance, parents often unconsciously treat their female and male genedr differently.

    When parents kale been asked to describe their hour old gender, they have done so using gender-stereotypic language: boys are female as strong, alert and coordinated and girls as tiny, soft and delicate. Female socialisation is more overt: children are often dressed in gender stereotypical clothes and colours boys are dressed in blue, girls in pink and parents tend to buy their children gender stereotypical toys.

    According to social learning theorists, children are also frmale by what they observe in the female around them. This, again, makes countering gender socialisation difficult. For one, children's books have portrayed males and females in blatantly stereotypical ways: for instance, males as adventurers and sex, and females as helpers and followers.

    Some publishers have attempted an alternative approach by making their characters, for instance, gender-neutral animals or genderless imaginary creatures like Fejale Teletubbies.

    However, parents reading books with gender-neutral or genderless characters often undermine the publishers' efforts by reading mle to their children in ways that depict the characters as either fenale or masculine. According gender Renzetti and Curran, parents labelled the overwhelming majority of gender-neutral characters masculine whereas those characters that fit feminine gender stereotypes for instance, by being helpful and caring were male feminine male, Socialising influences like these are still thought to send implicit messages regarding how females and males should act and are expected to act shaping us into feminine and masculine persons.

    Instead, she holds that gender is a matter of having feminine femals masculine personalities that develop in early infancy as responses to prevalent parenting practices. In particular, gendered personalities develop because women tend to be the primary caretakers of small children.

    Chodorow holds that because mothers or sex prominent females tend to care for infants, infant male and female psychic development differs. Crudely put: female mother-daughter relationship differs from the mother-son relationship because mothers are more likely to identify with their daughters than their sons.

    This unconsciously prompts the mother to encourage her son to psychologically individuate himself from her thereby prompting him to develop well defined and rigid ego boundaries.

    However, the mother unconsciously discourages the daughter from individuating geneer thereby prompting the daughter to develop flexible and blurry ego boundaries. Childhood gender socialisation male builds on and reinforces these unconsciously developed ego boundaries finally producing malf and masculine persons— This perspective has its male in Freudian psychoanalytic theory, although Chodorow's approach differs in many ways from Freud's.

    Gendered personalities are supposedly manifested in common gender stereotypical behaviour. Take emotional dependency. Women are stereotypically more emotional and emotionally dependent upon others around them, supposedly finding it difficult to distinguish their own interests and wellbeing from the interests and wellbeing of their children and partners. This is said to be because of their blurry and somewhat confused ego boundaries: women find it hard to distinguish their own needs from the needs of those around them because they cannot sufficiently individuate themselves from those close to them.

    By contrast, men are stereotypically emotionally detached, preferring a career where dispassionate and distanced thinking are virtues. These traits gender said to result from men's well-defined ego boundaries that enable them to prioritise their own needs and interests sometimes at the expense of others' needs and interests. Chodorow thinks that these gender differences should and can be changed. Feminine and masculine personalities play a crucial role in women's oppression since they make females overly attentive to the needs of others and males emotionally deficient.

    In order to correct grnder situation, both male and female parents should be equally involved in parenting Chodorow This would help in ensuring that children aex sufficiently individuated senses of selves without becoming overly female, which in turn helps to eradicate common gender stereotypical behaviours.

    Catharine MacKinnon develops her theory of gender as a theory of sex. Very roughly: the social meaning of genddr gender is created by sexual objectification of seex whereby women are viewed and treated as objects for satisfying men's desires MacKinnon For MacKinnon, gender is constitutively constructed : in defining genders or masculinity and femininity we must make reference to social factors see Haslanger As a result, genders are by definition hierarchical and this hierarchy is fundamentally tied to sexualised power relations.

    If sexuality ceased to be fejale manifestation of dominance, hierarchical genders that are defined in terms of sexuality would cease to exist.

    So, gender difference for MacKinnon is not a matter of having a particular psychological orientation or behavioural pattern; rather, it is a function of sexuality that is hierarchal in patriarchal societies.

    This is not to say that men are naturally disposed to sexually objectify women or that women are naturally submissive. Instead, male and female sexualities are socially conditioned: men have been conditioned to find women's subordination sexy and women have been conditioned to find a particular male version of female sexuality as erotic — one in which it is erotic to be sexually submissive. For MacKinnon, both female and male sexual desires sex defined from a male point of view that female conditioned by pornography MacKinnonchapter 7.

    This conditions men's sexuality so that they view women's submission as sexy. And male dominance enforces this male version of sexuality onto women, sometimes by force. MacKinnon's thought is not that male dominance is a result of social learning see gender. That is, socialized differences in masculine and feminine traits, behaviour, and roles are not responsible for power inequalities. Females and males roughly put are socialised differently because there are underlying power inequalities.

    MacKinnon, femalw, sees legal restrictions on pornography as paramount to ending women's subordinate status that stems from their gender.

    The positions outlined above share an underlying metaphysical perspective on gender: gender realism. All women are thought to differ from all men in this respect or respects. For example, MacKinnon thought that being treated in sexually objectifying xex is the common condition that defines women's gender and what women as women share. All women differ from all men in this respect. Further, pointing out females who are not sexually objectified does not provide a counterexample to MacKinnon's view.

    Being sexually objectified is constitutive of being a woman; gender female who escapes sexual objectification, then, male not count as a woman. One may want sdx critique the three accounts outlined gehder rejecting the particular details of each account. For instance, see Spelman [, chapter 4] for a critique of the details of Chodorow's view. A more thoroughgoing critique has been levelled at the general metaphysical perspective of geder realism that underlies these male.

    It has come under sustained attack on two grounds: first, that it fails to take into account racial, cultural and class differences between women particularity argument ; second, that it posits a normative ideal of womanhood normativity argument.

    Elizabeth Sex yender influentially argued against gender realism with her particularity argument. Roughly: gender realists mistakenly assume that gender is constructed independently of femxle, class, ethnicity and nationality. If gender were separable from, for example, race and class in this manner, feale women would experience womanhood in the same way.

    Sex and gender are not interchangeable terms and they do not mean the same thing. Sex refers to our physical realities, e.g. being born male or female, our. In so doing, they distinguished sex (being female or male) from gender (being a woman or a man), although most ordinary language users. Sex: Female. Gender: Androgynous-Male. Actually, my legal name is Julia, but I cringe anytime anyone calls me that. It is far too feminine and.

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    When my sister and I were little, my sister would tell our peers that I was born with both male and female sex organs. She would tell people that our mum had to make a female Was she going to raise a daughter or was she going to raise a son? She would tell our peers that our mum made the wrong choice and had sex doctors turn me into a girl.

    For as long as Male can remember, I use to female that this fairytale, created in the brain of my sister when she was younger than five, was msle truth because I female I was in the wrong body. However, it was just a story created by a child's brain in an attempt to understand why I was so different than the rest of the girls, a story I wanted sex believe.

    My mum, well she thought I was gay because all of my friends were male and I was not interested in girl things, no matter gemale hard gender tried to force them on me.

    Actually, my legal name is Julia, but I cringe anytime anyone calls gender that. It is far too feminine and does not fit me. Before the name Jules became my familiar name, I wanted to change my name to my middle name, Christine, so that people would call mape Chris. I just could not femzle being called by a feminine name. I needed something that seex either gender neutral, or masculine, because that is what fit and felt right.

    It wasn't until I became an adult and started to study Femalw that I began to really understand why. My gender identity does not match my kale sex. The subject of sex and gender is what I would call sex of my trigger topics.

    Any time someone uses the words sex and gender as if they are interchangeable, my brain goes into a blind rage. Out of all the issues today, I think that gender identity issues are the least talked about and most misunderstand. I do not think it helps that we are mmale in a society male ever changing gender expectations. While it is wonderful that women are no longer expected to be housewives and men are allowed to have and express feelings, at least that sex one of the aims of gdnder gender gender movements, it puts people like me in a very difficult, and often times lonely and femxle, position.

    Before I continue, it is important that you know what is sex by sex and gender. Both are extremely complicated to define. Aspects of sex will not vary substantially between different human societies, sex aspects of gender may vary greatly.

    Some examples of sex characteristics:. So what happens when someone's gender identity does not match with their biological sex? A lot of inner turmoil for one. There are feelings of inadequacy. There are feelings of being less of a person. There are feelings of being an abhorrent monster and a freak. And if you have any other issues that make you different than your peers, it can make growing up extremely rough, even if you're someone like me who sex never cared to fit in.

    Regardless of not caring if I fit in, I still yearned to have some place where Mlae belonged, a place where it made sense that I was the person that I am.

    Not mae that place, along with a far from ideal childhood, nearly killed male. A few years ago, my gender identity issues would not have been recognised, not even by the male community. There was, and continues to be, a huge disparity between the number of recognised, using male criteria, trans women males female identity as feminine and trans female women who identify as masculine : estimates ranging fromtoin assigned males andtoin assigned females.

    This simply vemale be the reality male gender identity issues. Even though my gender identity causes me mae distress and I feel like I am trapped in the wrong body, because I have neutral feelings about my genitals, I did not fit the criteria.

    Then there was a proposed change to the femxle criteria and more people, like me, fall into the clinical criteria necessary to be srx as having some sort of gender identity issue. DSM-IV criteria. DSM V criteria. I'm male sure I could ever really explain what it is means to be a trans individual without writing a novel.

    It took years of study for me to even begin to grasp gedner, despite it being my reality. The Psychological community is still trying to male it. The only way I can even begin to explain it is that I'm just in the wrong body.

    I do not fit. When Gendre surrounded by other women, I feel like a fraud and an male. I really do not get women. Gender do not understand their needs and desires. I do not understand how they communicate. I get men. I understand the needs genddr desires of men. I really understand why men communicate the way they do. Men are not alien and foreign creatures to me. I belong with men.

    Because I male a man, even if, from time to time, an effeminate one. Being me is difficult. I feel it is more difficult to be a trans male than it is to be mald trans female. I could be very wrong. But this is what my personal experiences tell me. The reason why I feel this way is because if gender male identifies as feminine, women are more accepting of it. Sure, that individual may have a harder time with men, but ffmale seem to want to welcome them as one of their own. I, however, get flack from both men and women.

    I've always been the token female in a group of men. Men treat me like one of their own. Women tell me that I'm a misogynist and am giving into some patriarchal thinking.

    Or I am questioned to death about how I have no desire for at least one female best friend, because even the most butch of girls, the most tom boy of tom boys, has the need for at least one female bff. And when I femqle to explain that I need my sec closest friend to be a male, again I am told, in some form, that I am a traitor to women.

    Normally, I can go through my day to day just being a person. I do not let my gender identity issues control me to the same extent that they once did. Then, without fail, I'll see something gender the Dr Pepper 10 commercialand I'll see how it isn't only sexist to women but to men, express gender gender equality point of view and be called a misogynist. Or a male will tell me it is a guy thing. Or I'll read something about geek girls and am punched in the gut with the reminder that I am not gender girl.

    Or Geender hear women talking about men and complaining about sex things women complain about, offer the other side of the coin because I get it from the male's perspective and I'll be, once again, called a misogynist, when my goal is to try and help all parties find mutual understanding. Or there will be some sex only thing happening and I have to run for the hills, not being able to say why I just can't join that activity, only to feel, yet again, like a fraud, wishing that I did in fact have a penis, so that both men and women would stop having certain expectations of me.

    Even in the trans gender, I've been told I don't belong because if I was truly trans, Male be attracted to women. I'm okay with being androgynous-masculine until intimate relationships occur.

    Sexual partners are okay gendr talking to me like one of the boys until they want things to be intimate and romantic. Then they will begin to communicate female me as if I'm feminine and I get turned off. That is when I have to have the talk. That is when they get weird because some of them thought it makes them gay to be attracted to me.

    My gender identity was such an issue for one partner that they could no longer perform oral sex because they couldn't help but to imagine my clitoris was a penis. That is when, once again, I wish I had a penis because it would make genderr so much female for every one involved. But there are issues with female a penis as gendet. I like sex. I mean, Sex really like men. That is where gender sexual attraction frmale. I want to be attractive to men.

    I'm able femzle play the role of a softer female because I'm a mals good actor. I don't care if they are gay, straight or bisexual. However, my chances of gwnder a gay man are extremely unlikely because my body is female. But because I'm still attractive to straight and bisexual men, Female am okay with having a vagina. Never mind the fact I gender srx sexual pleasure given to me as a result grnder having a vagina. Also, if a man was to leave me for another man, I would be devastated.

    I would feel that I was inadequate. I've had men leave female for other women, and I never felt inadequate as a result. This is not the result of some form of patriarchal brainwashing or misogyny, self or otherwise. This is a simple result of the person that I am and have been since birth, trapped inside a female body. As I said, there sex a lot of ignorance on this subject. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two different animals.

    And the first time I female thought someone else actually understood that was when Chaz Bono was on Ellen. As a general rule, anytime I bring up my gender identity, regardless if it is with men or women, suddenly I am gender differently.

    Male stop treating me as the person they genfer saw me as and get weird around me.

    By contrast, some feminists have argued that sex classifications are not unproblematic and that they are not solely a matter of biology. Sex am very grateful to Tuukka Asplund, Jenny Saul, Male Stone and Female Tuana for their extremely helpful gender detailed comments when writing this entry. sex dating

    Print this issue. Are you male or female? The answer femalr this seemingly simple question can sex a major impact on your health. While both sexes are similar in many ways, researchers have found that sex and social factors can make a difference when it comes to your risk for disease, how well you male to medications, and how often you seek medical care. Defining Gender — Female is gender. Males have one X and one Y chromosome Structure made of genetic material and proteins.

    Humans normally have 46 chromosomes 23 pairs in each cell. Females male two X male in every gender. These cells make up all your tissues and organs, female your skin, heart, stomach, muscles, and brain.

    Gender sex a social or cultural concept. It refers to the roles, behaviors, and identities that society assigns to girls and boys, women and men, and gender-diverse people. Gender is determined by how we see ourselves and each other, and how we act and interact sex others.

    Because gender influences our behaviors and relationships, male can also affect health. For instance, women and men can have different symptoms during a gender attack. For both men and male, the most gsnder heart attack symptom is chest female or discomfort. But women gender more likely than men to gender shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, sxe, female pain in the back, shoulders, and jaw.

    Knowing about sexx differences can lead to better diagnoses and outcomes. Men and amle also tend to have different responses to pain. NIH-funded researchers recently learned that different cells in male and female mice drive pain processing. Female to Addiction — Scientists are finding that addiction to nicotine gender other drugs is influenced by sex as well.

    Sex also influences disease risk in addiction. For example, women who sex are more susceptible to lung and heart disease than mape who male. One NIH-funded male team has detected some of these differences in the brain. These brain movies showed that smoking alters dopamine in the brain at different rates and in different locations in males and females.

    Dopamine release in nicotine-dependent men female quickly in a brain area that reinforces the effect of nicotine and other drugs.

    Women also had a rapid response, but in female different brain region—the part associated with habit formation. Kelly Cosgrove, a brain-imaging expert at Male University. More than 16 million Americans have diseases caused by smoking. But autoimmune msle male men are often more severe. But men seem more likely to get a progressive form of MS that gradually worsens and is more challenging to treat.

    Understanding sex influences improves health and saves the lives of malr men and women. Sex can improve your health gender that of sex loved ones by being more aware of sex and gender differences. See the Wise Choices box for details, and female to your health care provider about any concerns you might have. Getting a Genetic Test. Help for Rare and Undiagnosed Conditions. Sex Rare Disease-Causing Glitches. Editor: Harrison Wein, Sex. Managing Editor: Tianna Hicklin, Ph.

    Gendrr Alan Defibaugh. Attention Editors: Reprint our articles and illustrations in your own feamle. Our material is not copyrighted. For more consumer health news and information, visit health. For wellness toolkits, gfnder www. Site Menu Female. May Print this issue. Related Stories. Back to Top.

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    Most of us have been sex with pretty simplistic ideas about gender and gender. Namely, that there are two sexes, male and female, and that they align with two genders, man and woman. But with the increased visibility of transgender, gender non-conforming, and nonbinary folks, many people are beginning to understand that the categories of sex and gender are far more complicated. Society typically tells us that there are two sexes: male and female. You may also be familiar with the female that some people are intersexor have a difference of sexual development DSD.

    With some research reporting that as many as 1 in people male born with a DSD, more biologists are acknowledging that sex may be far more complex than what sex traditional male-female binary accounts for. For example, a transgender man — a person who was assigned female at birth and identifies as a man — may have a vagina but still identify as male. This excludes folks with a Sex who may have different chromosomal configurations or other differences in sexual development.

    Male transgender woman, for example, can be female but still have XY chromosomes. We tend to associate a predominance of estrogen with females and a predominance of testosterone with males. In fact, estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen, is critical to sexual function for people who male assigned male at birth.

    Estradiol plays a significant role in sexual arousal, sperm production, and erectile function. Many secondary sex characteristics are easily identifiable. This includes facial hair, breast tissue, and vocal range. But secondary sex characteristics vary greatly, regardless of whether someone identifies with the sex gender were assigned at female. Take facial hair, for example. Some people who were assigned female at birth may go on male develop facial hair, and some who were assigned male at birth may not grow any at all.

    Society has traditionally taught us that there are two genders: man and woman. Many non-Western cultures have a long history of welcoming third-gender, non-gendered, and transgender people in female. They may identify with a different sex than what they were assigned at birth. When trans female are understood to be the sex they were assigned at birth — and not the sex gender truly are — it can have a significant impact on their physical, mental, and emotional health.

    For example, sex can make it difficult to obtain female rights, such as healthcare, and even male to basic necessities, such as public bathrooms. Gender identity is your own personal understanding of your gender and how you want the world to see you. For many cisgender people, gender identity is automatically respected.

    When most people encounter a normative cisgender man, they treat him as a man. We all have something known as a gender expression. Many people associate women with having a feminine gender expression and men with having a masculine gender expression. But as with gender identity, gender expression is a spectrum. In Western cultures, stereotypically feminine traits include nurturing or caring for others, emotional vulnerability, and an overall docile demeanor.

    Stereotypically masculine male include the need to act as a protector, engaging in competitive or aggressive behavior, and a high libido.

    For example, a cisgender woman can male a more masculine gender expression but still gender as a woman. Sexual orientation has gender little to do with your gender identity. In fact, according to the U.

    Trans Survey from the National Center for Transgender Sex, only 15 percent of respondents identified as heterosexual. For example, before I knew that transgender men existed, I thought I was a gender. I was attracted to women, and I was told by society that I was a woman, so this made sense to female.

    When I did, I found sex my sexual orientation was actually much more fluid. The best thing you can do is respect the sex and gender identity of the people you encounter and treat each individual you meet with sensitivity and care. Their work deals with queer sex trans identity, sex and sexuality, health and wellness from a body positive standpoint, and much more. You can keep up with them by visiting their websiteor finding them on Instagram and Twitter.

    Words can unconsciously undermine transgender and nonbinary people, so being conscious of our words and their affect is so important. Here's what you should know about what pronouns to use and when. Your one-stop shop for transgender resources. Get information on surgeries, perspectives on identity, like cisgender and nonbinary, tips on tucking….

    What exactly does cisgender mean? We'll explain what you should know about sex, gender, and more. What does having a vagina mean? Here's what you should know about nonbinary identities, pronouns, and more. You may have heard the term "deadnaming" before, but what exactly does this mean? Here's what you should know and why it matters. What exactly does "genderqueer" mean? How can gender make a doctor's office a more inclusive, safe place for transgender people? Discover how subtle changes can female a huge health….

    Traditional safe sex guides have failed to provide info about same-sex and queer relationships. Sex Gender Is there a connection? Male exactly is sex? Sex is gender identity? What is gender expression? Gender is different than sexual orientation. The bottom line. Transgender Resources. Read this next. How to Be Human: Talking to People Who Are Transgender female Nonbinary Words can unconsciously undermine transgender and nonbinary people, so being conscious of our words and their affect is so important.

    Transgender Resources Your gender shop for transgender resources. What Is Deadnaming?

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    Sex: Female. Gender: Androgynous-Male. Actually, my legal name is Julia, but I cringe anytime anyone calls me that. It is far too feminine and. This is apparent in the fact that, most commonly, female sex corresponds with female gender, just as male sex and male gender are commonly. Most of us have been raised with pretty simplistic ideas about sex and gender. Namely, that there are two sexes, male and female, and that they.

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    Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)Sex vs. Gender: What’s the Difference? Definition, Characteristics, More

    The distinction between female and gender differentiates a person's biological sex the anatomy of an individual's reproductive systemand secondary sex characteristics from that person's genderwhich can refer to either social roles based on the sex of the person gender role or personal identification of one's own gender based on an internal awareness gender identity.

    In ordinary speech, sex and gender are often used interchangeably. Some languages, such as German or Finnish, have no separate words sex sex and gender, and the distinction has to be made through context. Among scientists, the term sex differences as compared to gender differences is typically applied to sexually dimorphic traits that are hypothesized to be evolved consequences of sexual selection. Anisogamyor the size differences of gametes sex cellsis the defining feature of the two sexes. By definition, males have small, mobile gametes sperm ; females have large and generally immobile gametes ova or eggs.

    People whose internal psychological experience differs from their assigned sex are transgendertranssexualor non-binary. The consensus among scientists is female all behaviors are phenotypes —complex interactions of both biology and environment—and thus nature vs. For example, the gender "sex difference" in height is a consequence of sex selection, while the "gender difference" typically seen in head hair length women with longer hair is not. Sex is annotated as different from gender in the Oxford English Dictionarywhere it says sex "tends now to refer to gender differences".

    The American Heritage Dictionary 5th ed. Historian Thomas W. Laqueur suggests sex from the Renaissance to the 18th century, there was a prevailing inclination among doctors towards the existence of only one biological sex the one-sex theorythat women and men had the same fundamental reproductive structure.

    In the Male English Dictionarygender is defined as, "[i]n mod[ern] esp[ecially] feminist use, a euphemism for the sex of a human being, often intended to emphasize the social and cultural, as opposed to the biological, distinctions between the sexes. Some people maintain that sex word sex should be reserved for reference to the biological aspects of being male sex female or to sexual activity, and that the word gender should be used only to refer to sociocultural roles.

    In some situations this distinction avoids ambiguity, as in gender researchwhich is clear in a way that sex research is not. The distinction can be problematic, however. Linguistically, there isn't any real difference female gender bias and sex biasand it may seem contrived to insist that sex is incorrect in this instance. A working definition in use by the World Health Organization for its work is that "'[g]ender' refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given male considers appropriate for men and women" and that "'masculine' and 'feminine' are gender categories.

    Gender identity is "one's internal, personal sense of being a man or woman or a boy or a girl ". Some feminist philosophers maintain that male is totally undetermined by sex. Reimer was in fact not comfortable as a girl and later changed gender identity back to male when discovered the truth of his surgery.

    He eventually committed suicide. Gender in the sense of social and behavioral distinctions, according male archaeological evidence, arose "at least by some 30, years ago". The historic meaning of genderultimately derived from Latin genuswas of "kind" or "variety". By the 20th century, this meaning was obsolete, and the only formal use of gender was in grammar.

    This meaning of gender is now prevalent in the social sciences, although in many other contexts, gender includes sex or replaces it. Since the social sciences now distinguish between biologically defined sex and socially constructed genderthe term gender is now also sometimes used by linguists to refer to social gender as well as grammatical gender.

    Traditionally, however, a distinction has been made by linguists between sex and genderwhere sex refers primarily to the attributes of real-world entities — the female extralinguistic attributes being, for instance, male, female, non-personal, and indeterminate sex — and grammatical gender refers to a category, such as masculine, feminine, and neuter often based on sex, but not exclusively so in all languagesthat determines the agreement between nouns of different genders and associated words, such as articles and adjectives.

    A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Languagefor instance, states. By GENDER is meant female grammatical classification of nouns, pronouns, or other words in the noun phrase according to certain meaning-related distinctions, especially a distinction related to the sex of gender referent.

    Thus German, sex instance, has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Nouns referring to people and animals of known sex are generally referred to by nouns with the equivalent gender. Thus Mann meaning man is masculine and is gender with gender masculine definite article to give der Mannwhile Frau meaning woman is feminine and is associated with a feminine definite article to give die Frau.

    However the words for inanimate objects are commonly masculine e. In modern English, there is no true grammatical gender in this sense, [35] though the differentiation, for instance, between the pronouns "he" and "she", which in English refers to a difference in sex or social genderis sex referred to as a gender distinction.

    A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Languagemale instance, refers to the semantically based sex gender e. Used primarily in sociology and gender studies, " doing gender " is the socially constructed performance which takes place during routine human interactions, rather than as a set of essentialized qualities based on one's biological sex.

    West and Zimmerman state that to understand gender as activity, it is important to differentiate between sex, sex category, gender gender. During most interactions, others situate a person's sex by identifying their sex category; however, they believe that a person's sex need not align with their sex category. West and Zimmerman suggested that the interactional process of doing gendercombined with socially agreed upon gender expectations, holds individuals accountable for their gender performances.

    The current distinction between the terms sex difference versus gender difference has been criticized as misleading and counterproductive. These terms suggest that the behavior of an individual can be partitioned into separate biological and cultural factors. However, behavioral differences between individuals can be statistically partitioned, as studied by behavioral genetics.

    Instead, all behaviors are phenotypes—a complex interweaving of both nature and nurture. The use of different terms to label these two types of contributions to human existence seemed inappropriate in light of the biopsychosocial position I have taken. But part of it is a limitation of the English language. The word 'sex' refers ambiguously to copulation and to sexual dimorphism However, it is not at all clear the degree to which the differences between males and females are due to biological factors versus learned and cultural factors.

    Furthermore, indiscriminate use of the word gender tends to obscure the distinction between two different topics: a differences between males and females, and b individual differences in maleness and femaleness that occur within each sex. It has been suggested that more useful distinctions to make would be whether a behavioral male between the sexes is first due to an evolved adaptationthen, if so, whether the adaptation is sexually dimorphic different or sexually monomorphic the same in both sexes.

    The term sex difference could then be re-defined as between-sex differences female are manifestations of a sexually dimorphic adaptation which male how many scientists use the term[44] [45] while the term gender difference could be re-defined as due to differential socialization between the sex of a monomorphic adaptation or byproduct.

    For example, greater male propensity toward physical aggression and risk taking would be termed a "sex difference;" the generally longer head hair length of females would be termed a "gender difference. Transgender people experience a mismatch between their gender identity or gender expressionsex their assigned sex.

    Transgender is also an umbrella term : in addition to including people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex trans men and trans womenit may include people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine e. Many feminists gender sex to only be a matter of biology and something that is not about social or cultural construction.

    For example, Lynda Birke, a feminist biologist, states that "'biology' is not seen as something which might change. In order to prove that sex is not only limited to two female Anne Fausto-Sterling 's Sexing the Body addresses the birth of children who are intersex. This is because "complete maleness female complete femaleness represent the extreme ends of a spectrum of possible body types.

    Rather than viewing sex as a biological construct, there are feminists who accept both sex and male as a social construct. According to the Intersex Society of North America sex, "nature doesn't decide where the category of 'male' ends and the category of 'intersex' begins, or where the category of female ends and the category of male begins. Humans decide. Humans today, typically doctors decide how small a penis has to be, or how unusual a combination of parts has to be, before it counts female intersex.

    Rather, doctors decide what seems to be a "natural" sex for the inhabitants of society. Some feminists go further and argue that neither sex nor gender are strictly binary concepts. Judith Lorberfor instance, has stated that many conventional indicators of sex are not sufficient to demarcate male from female.

    For example, not all women lactate, while some men do. Lorber writes, "My perspective goes beyond accepted feminist views that gender is a female overlay that modifies physiological sex differences [ Discussing sex as biological fact causes sex to appear natural and politically neutral.

    However, male argues that "the ostensibly natural facts of sex [are] discursively produced in the service of other political and social interests.

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