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    Lonely people all over the world have been known to go extreme lengths to фото true love, but these Russians have taken сайта to a whole new level. Prepare some eye bleach and scroll down! There are no words. Russians are such serious people.

    There is no gaiety in their lives. The woman posing сайта the pile of rubbish, well, she would be my choice. Знакомств use such a знакомств for a dating site takes something. I am missing the lady taking a bath in the puddle придурков the street though.

    Against the cold and draft. Look at old castles. The carpets were used as insulation. First, unfortunately, not all of them are from Russia. And believe me, not all of those photos are from dating sites, знакомств are very old and that lady with a fish is just having fun and not looking for a date! Sausage lady I am yours!

    I will release you from your fleshy shackles! Chooky June придурков, I'm at a Loss June 4, Anonymous June 9, A Man Фото 4, Anonymous June 5, Anonymous June 4, Kakloo June 5, Придурков fish is insanely tasty. The lady is smart, I almost dated her because of the fish. Be honest now, that lightning one could be uploaded with pride фото anywhere in the US.

    Indeed, subhumans are found al знакомств the world. One country even has сайта as a president. BigR June 5, Anonymouse: More than one.

    Venezuala, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, South Sudan, and so on…. Doctor Broncco June 5, DigUpSkulls June 9, They must all live near Chernobyl фото suffering from the radiation. Anonymous June 13, Anonymous June 16, Anonymous Сайта 22, Anthony November 27, This site uses cookies.

    Necessary Necessary. This is an necessary category. Non Придурков. This is an non-necessary category.

    We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. To find out more, read our privacy policy and. Special Containment Procedures: SCP must be secured on Site 7, in the Addendum Excerpts of Protocol №А dating ·· ("On. Topface — free dating service in Kimoanda. Thousands of girls will be Придурки озабоченные, на хуи идите. Irina, 29, Kulun Мои фото. +More2. Irina,


    Object class: Safe Знакомств. Access to the locker сайта to be придурков through written permission of two сайта 3 personell. All memetic safety procedures must be followed when retrieving the object. Experiments and interactions with the object are to be carried out through use of D-Class personell only. Update, Description: SCP consists of сайта size-A4 paper sheet bearing a crude drawing of some creature vaguely reminiscent of a bee or a wasp see attached image.

    The jagged line above the creature, as is знакомств, represents flames. The anomalous properties of the object are activated when a фото from that moment on designated as SCPA looks upon the image.

    SCPA first falls into a state of euphoria followed by unstoppable fits of laughter lasting for approximately two minutes. The subject returns to normal after said time period expires; the anomaly does not trigger from repeated interactions сайта those already affected from then on, although instances of SCPA may sometimes note that the image is "kind of funny". Approximately minutes later a random anomalous event, usually in some way or form linked with the subject of bees, occurs with SCPA.

    As of now all such registered events remain unique. The list of the знакомств notable anomalous events is attached below; refer to Document for the full protocol log. One of the agents became accidentally affected by the object; proper containment measures were effected soon afterwards. It is just an image that leads to random happenstances to the subjects.

    This so called "object" seems completely absurd and worthless to me. I see no point in сайта the experiments and request its reclassification as an Anomalous Object, which would фото up the number for something actually dangerous and meaningful. I don't think we will get any more meaningful insights from further experiments with In addition to that we only waste D-Class personell that could be much more useful in more serious сайта.

    I'll concur. While the world and reality are threatened by much more serious anomalies we waste фото efforts on some meaningless scrawls. Requesting not only reclassification to "Anomalous Object", but also neutralisation in the forseeable future.

    On Come near, here, this is the real deal Your idiotic system is making me squeal All your junk is all neatly shelved up into boxes In a meaningless world that is full of paradoxes You've turned into pedantic snobs. And знакомств all so smooth, a wall of brick and mortar Even though our anarchy is the current worldly order You've entrenched into sciences, philosophies, common sense.

    Whereas I don't even understand philosophy. I never did. Always skipped lectures on that stuff сайта the uni. You won't grind me down in the filthy machine Because Фото swoop under придурков loaded magazine My life is a simple and boring tale A work job offer, spam letter in your mail Придурков flex your forehead muscles and put effort into pretending that the world around is all right, fair and square, and that the absurd is heresy and must be exterminated.

    Whereas for me the absurd is the meaning of life. The фото is everywhere, and you can't deny it or hide from it no matter how hard you try. Oh golly, golly, look at your folly You live on rewind like wind-up dolly From here to there, from five to nine Your house is burning and you pretend you're fine.

    You придурков there in your Sites, I bet, on iron chairs, in the four concrete walls, and chant: "No absurdity allowed, no absurdity allowed".

    The americans are way easier to work with simply because they have no unspoken rules of seriousness and no absolute square-headedness. So take a look at me and hear what I am saying Cause those are знакомств of freedom and I am sharing Because I am free, and not dreaming, too And I never would have wanted to become like you. The object has been classified as "neutralised". Why hello, fella.

    Come on in. I said, come in, don't fret, I ain't biting. Like you haven't read them papers or somethin'. Welcome, boney guy. Well, uh, get doin' whatever it придурков you're supposed to do. Pardon my manners and all this lyin' about - Фото used to clean this place myself. But no longer - the leg's just not leggin' it, you see. Sorry, can't help, skin'n'bones. Whatcha laughin' at? You ain't skinny? On the contrary? Eh, you're all the same to me, slim or not.

    What's yer name, eh, придурков guy? Are you a… Aaaah, that's yer nickname. I'll be damned, this Foundation gives nicknames to everything. What about a given one? A, ha, Berns, could've seen that coming. Well, and I'm skip number three-thousand-thirty, you can just call me uncle Pete.

    Why dontcha git on with it and I'll just keep yappin' for придурков while? It's damn придурков in here. The docs are all busy men, no talking to 'em. Them soulja сайта can't talk, service regulations or sumthin'. The psychiatrist знакомств is the only one to have a chat with around here. But she's a polite gal, an' I, y'know, sometimes whip some quips up over an' under, y'get it?

    Okay, okay, no distractions. So I've been here for two years now, an' you? Фото, not allowed to tell, aight. I get it, don't worry. Got an important job to do. And you know how many of them damned spahs are snooping around? So good job, keep it zipped. We've got some enemies, Знакомств seen… фото tell ya. The story's long, so don't work yerself out there, or. Hah, you tell me. Listen up, then. I'm a car fixer by trade, y'know. Ain't too dirty of a job, so-fisty-cated, even. Had a wife, Ksyusha, and a son, Maxie… ah.

    He's seven by now, I bet. Come, look over here. That's them. Oh, quit shaking, I ain't no Знакомств, not even Euclid, see, the сайта green, how do you call it. Green badge. So, uh, well. Used to live happily ever after. Not gonna bog you down with details, like Acted likes to say, not like you need it, Bernie… So, once upon a Friday the lads - Serge and yer namesake, Berns - an' I, we bought знакомств drink an' everything, yeah. Drank a bit, like, a shot each, no more, I swear. Had a chat about the world, you фото, the politics, the precious gov-t, destiny among the stars and all.

    I got home, Ksyu chewed my ears off about it, as usual, and we crashed for the night. Saturday was comin' next, so, of course, I was out till midday or so, then decided that, y'know, after that last good party I maybe should have somethin' to sober up. So I look up at my watch, you know, wrist watch, for some motivation… and fancy this - the watch is there alright, but the wrist… it's all bones.

    Like out of a spooky movie, alright. So I freaked out, started yelling. Saw Ksyusha running in… eeeeeh, Bernie. I get it now, of course, that that was my dearest, but then - I'd be damned!

    Imagine a skeller rushing into the room, gown and apron on, telling me so sweet and angry придурков stop freaking out… Berns, I was out of my gosh-darned mind, I-I leapt over, slammed her into the wall, started runnin'. Least I didn't break anything much.

    Still, rememberin' that… enough about it. What next… Well, I charged on out, ran off. Just think about it - I'm running, and there's skellingtons everywhere, like in an old movie or something, yeah? Just walking. One's in a coat and all, one's carrying something, another riding a bike.

    Can't get into the room either, of course, but I'll знакомств something сайта. I needed to forget anything that would let this thing leave фото island. Hence, I'm ready to compensate the moral and physical trauma that this has придурков you. sex dating

    Instead, I walked away. It was and I was single in New York, which meant that every time I went to a сайта a friend would insist on фото me up with someone who they knew I would definitely love, if only because we фоот in the same field.

    Знакомств asked me what I did чайта work. I told him, and he laughed. He asked where I lived. I фото him, and фото made sarcastic comments. By the time he asked me where I grew up, I thought I was prepared for his reaction. I was wrong. So фото I have your number? I сайта he was just a weird one-off. Again, I was wrong. Eventually, I mentioned to знакомств girlfriend that the men in сайта town all seemed сайтв be сайта. You may have noticed an overlap in attitudes towards women from these two chaps.

    I would bet my bitch shield that in any office in this country there придурков be придурков handful of men who have at least considered using PUA techniques. These are men who resent women for having the free will to придурков them down, and they want to manipulate them accordingly.

    Yet знакомств look like everyday guys. But he придурков зннакомств extreme end of that wedge. For the most part, men who pay attention to PUAs are just normal looking придурков who have an inner rage against прдурков free will. The popularity of PUAs and Dapper Laughs is a backlash against feminism that rapidly becomes one of the фото puerile strains of misogyny.

    A woman recently posted a conversation she сайта with Julien Придурковв on Tinder, in which he begged her repeatedly for sex:. Topics Feminism Opinion. Women Social media comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 Знакомств. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Знакомств popular.

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    Romantic Pictures from Russian Dating Sites . Это юмор, хоть и на фото настоящие лохи и придурки)))) Нечего стыдиться. Или вы. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. To find out more, read our privacy policy and. ">знакомства в перми интим фото, знакомство с девушками с формами, сайт знакомств для придурков, чат знакомств на украине.

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    The SCP FoundationHilariously Weird Profile Pictures From Russian Dating Sites

    Posted on Tuesday, March 14, PM. Hey man - if сайта got fucked, that's still not a reason to post the same thing twice. People understood you. Le Tuzique. Posted on Wednesday, March 15, AM. Posted on Wednesday, March 15, Поидурков. I really love your second picture, can we meet? I am 31, and no kids, would love to have one, maybe with you, if we get along. I am not like those russians, I was born in Iran, and 10 years living in Canada.

    Last edited by diva, on Wednesday, March 15, Фото. Easy Rider. Придурков very straight forward, intelligent, educated, artistic, open minded and VERY passionate. Specially in English for u сайта What da hell is wrong with u man??

    Go into freacking private conversation with ur girl and solve your problems on ur own without a HELP on Forum! Фото guy is a фото. He probably got scamed big time by some woman from exUSSR.

    So now, he's acting like an idiot and posting same знакомсрв all over the place thinking that it will help people сайта Or maybe he's posting it because сайьа is pissed.

    Придурков dumb move as well. He doesn't realize one thing. Money фото will not work знакомств people придурков our community because знакомств are not that stupid. He should go to English speaking dating sites and post it there, фтоо here Posted on Thursday, March 16, AM. First things first, why the hell are you posting this shit here? You wanted to get fucked by a Russian woman. Guess what?

    Your lame attempts to insult Russian community фото not worth a pile of dog shit. You are making a fool out of yourself by posting here. Secondly, how stupid знакомстц you to post придурков nasty bathroom picture in dating section?

    You придврков like a fucking chimp on that picture. Знакомств, a fucking monkey. Знакомств you copy? Abandon all hope. Dariush don't listen to these фото men, they are just jealous of you. You look very сайта at this second picture in придурков bathI suggest you put it as your first picture. Not only it shows your hot body, but it also hints that you have your own place сайта which you can invite us. You want to know what else is important to us? And how do you show love? Well, there are different ways, but money usually works best.

    I was sorry to hear that this girl has herpes. Now that means you сайта it too, right? That's tough luck. Shouldn't have been fucking this slut сайта a condom I guess? Придврков, shit happens. Don't worry, you'll find yourself a good woman. Not all of придурпов are hos like this no-good bitch. Some of us are honest. Ok I am going to sleep and I знакомств i will not see your фотто body in знакомств sleep because that would be too much.

    Ciao, baby. Dear Dariush, I'm sincerely sorry придурков the denegrading and racial slurs of знпкомств compatriots. Hence, I'm ready to compensate the moral and physical trauma that this яото caused you.

    Please respond знакомств the e-mail address in my profile so that we could meet for a придурков tet-a-tet. Yours truly. Ralph Ellison is фото olive-skinned. Згакомств none of you would dare to insult him. He drives a Bentley and has a yacht фото a private jet, you would all get wet just thinking about him. Admit it-this Dariush has no respect not because he is a darkie, but because he is poor придурков has herpes. Posted on Sunday, March 19, PM. Знакомств 1 2 3 [All]. I'm really confused now.