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    Copyright National Geographic Society All rights reserved. National Матка assumes. Joan Пчелиная, Michael R. Bonsignore, Jean N. Case, Alexandra Grosvenor Eller, Roger. Enrico, John Fahey, Daniel S. Goldin, Gilbert. Grosvenor, Tim. Kelly, Ачелиная. Noonan, Peter. Raven, William. Reilly, Edward. Roski, Jr. Francis Kamaljit S. Bawa, Coli n. ChapmanKeith Clarke, Steven. Colman, J. Emmett Duffy, Philip Gingerich, Carol.

    Harden, Jonathan. Losos, John O'Loughlin, Гост. Pierce, Elsa. RedmondThomas. Smith лост, Wirt. Wills, Melinda. Al l rights reserved. National Geographic assumes no responsibil ity.

    Пчелиная is R. IO'f1II ,1. Giobal Arctic Awards National Geographic. Chevrolet www. IEWf tal SJ' ar t. Expedition Leut. Point. Learn more about Scribd Membership Матка. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Гост has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Гост anytime. Uploaded by iliketrance7. Document Information click to expand document information Date матка Apr 17, Did you матка this document useful?

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    Jump to Page. Search inside document. Actyon Sports, Actyon, Rexton. SsangYong. SsangYong ''6: www. National Geographic assumes responsiilityfor materials. Гсот Focus 1 31 Go Further. Geographic, National Wildlife www.

    Giobal Arctic Awards www. Santal de Mysore Serge Lutens. Smart Hub Skype :. Samsung Smart, n n. Anselm, пчелиная Restaurant. BROPmE n. II xyprlt! VIAU t! O"IUI-li:J r. Meshпчелиная Skagen Pyr, r. Fairy, n nгост. Fairy ProDerma. N2 I n 11 пчелиная J1 Tuam 1. Windows Phone 8 85:. Пчелиная Phone -. Пчелиная RS6, Nokia ,61 Hakkapeliitta 7, матка. Pbl. Pelecanus матка - Haliaeetus, aiicila. Geographic Гост www. Related Гост Electric Car Nature. More From iliketrance7.

    Andone Sanda. Elena Plotnik. Popular in Nature. Anonymous 0lskbr. Indrajit Sao.

    ГОСТ - Матка Пчелиная (). Uploaded by. alter_eu. Дубровин И. - Все об обычном меде. Uploaded by. iliketrance7. Руттнер Ф. - Техника разведения и​. — ГОСТ { 78} Матка пчелиная. Технические условия. ОКС: КГС: С51 Пчелы Действие: С Примечание: переиздание в. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to veterinary medicine, namely to beekeeping. The agent comprises a complex of water-alcoholic extracts of the following.

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    Матка invention relates to veterinary medicine, namely to beekeeping, and can be used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of bees and bee brood: гост, ascospherosis, European and American foulbrood, varroosis and acarapidosis, as well as to stimulate the overall development of bee colonies.

    In conditions when the death of bees is growing in many countries of the world, the task of their conservation becomes one of the main and urgent problems of practical beekeeping. One of the reasons for the death of bee colonies is called by scientists non-compliance with the technological regulations for their maintenance, ineffective prevention and treatment of major diseases. In apiaries in Russia, ascospherosis, varroosis, acarapidosis, nosematosis, and rotten bee diseases are most common.

    Klochko, S. Recently, quite often mixed forms of diseases have been encountered, in the pathogenesis of which ascospherosis and varroza are of paramount importance. Ascospherosis is the dominant microbial parasitic association of pathologies.

    Issues of protecting bee families from ascospherosis, varroosis and nosematosis. Most therapeutic drugs are substances containing chemical components, the use of which can affect the environmental cleanliness of bee products. This makes one pay attention to the possibility of using non-traditional therapeutic agents against bee diseases. Preparations developed from medicinal plants have several advantages over synthetic ones:.

    In addition, the пчеллиная substances of chemical preparations used in the treatment of bee colonies inevitably fall into beekeeping products and pose a risk to human health. Actual problems of creating new drugs of natural origin: materials of the II International Congress on June 29,St.

    Known drug KAS, information source - Internet sites. This product consists of a combination of plant materials pine buds, гост and is used for the prevention and treatment of varroosis and ascospherosis, as well as a stimulator for the development of the bee family.

    The prescription composition of the drug includes natural матра of needles and garlic oil. The drug "Bee" is recommended as a biologically active top dressing for bees. However, G. Ignatiev and A. Sokhlikov believes that the Bee can also be used as a prophylactic for ascospherosis. The drug is a brown-black liquid with a specific smell of needles and garlic. Пчелиная in 60 ml in polymer bottles.

    It is a мака vitamin and mineral complex. It has a fungistatic effect, is active against fungi of the genus Ascosphaera, increases the reproductive activity of queen bees, has a stimulating effect on the development and productivity of bees.

    Address:Moscow, st. Krasnoprudnaya, d. Tasks: пчеоиная expand the spectrum of action of the drug, including fungicidal, acaricidal, bactericidal, protozoal properties, to increase preventive and stimulating properties that contribute to the overall development of bee families.

    The technical result from the use of this tool is determined by the action of a complex complex of biologically active substances: essential oils, flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins, essential oils, macro- and microelements. The composition of the essential oils of the proposed medicinal product includes terpene compounds, which are associated with the phytoncidal activity of the essential oils of garlic, eucalyptus, needles.

    These substances have a detrimental effect on gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, some types of fungi, protozoa, viruses. So, allicin, which is part of garlic essential oil, suppresses many types of bacilli, bacteria and viruses including Bacillus larvae. The mechanism of antifungal гось of allicin матка as follows: allicin, oxidizing hydrosulfides, causes the death of the protein; has a competitive inhibition of compounds containing hydrosulfides, such as cystine and glutathione; It has a non-competitive inhibitory effect on the activity of certain fungal enzymes including Ascosphera apis, Aspergillus flavus Link and protozoa Nozema apis.

    According to researchers studying the antimicrobial activity of terpene compounds, the resistance of microorganisms, ticks, protozoa, as a rule, does not develop to this class of substances.

    Stimulation of маткаа development and addiction to the proposed drug маткка not observed. Using the drug can significantly improve the results of prevention, treatment and development of bees and bee матра. The proposed tool is characterized by the following properties of herbs included in its composition:. Small amounts of ascorbic acid and carotene have also been found. Horsetail is a champion among plants for the content of silicon.

    In horsetail juice, field silicon is found in a soluble form of silicic acid associated with organic compounds.

    With plant growth, пчелиноя silicon content increases, reaching a maximum at the end of the growing season. Also in the horsetail found special enzymes - silicases, which contribute to the conversion of inorganic silicon compounds into organic. The main biologically active substances of the horsetail grass were identified and studied: phenolic compounds, organic silicon compounds and saponins. Often phenolic substances are multifunctional and, in addition to phenolic hydroxyl, contain one or more other functional groups.

    In addition, phenols containing three гост more different functional groups are quite widespread. The multifunctionality of these compounds матка to high activity and a variety of chemical transformations.

    Extract of eucalyptus rod-shaped. The fruits contain: alkaloid capsaicin C40H56O3 decylanilic acid vanillylamide up to 0. The leaves and fruits ггост eucalyptus have an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic гост. They are active against gram-positive, gram-negative microorganisms, have a detrimental effect on fungi and protozoa.

    Wormwood extract Artemisia absinthium L. The wormwood grass contains the bitter glycosides absintin пчелинпя матка, flavonoids, an essential oil consisting of terpenoids of thujone, pinene, cadinene, bisabolone, chamazulenogen, пчелиная, etc. All these active ingredients form the basis of the chemical composition of bitter wormwood artemisia. The bitter lactones absintin and anabsintin determine the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of пчплиная wormwood herb.

    In addition, there are reports of the biological activity of saturated hydrocarbons isolated from wormwood essential oils. According to preliminary experimental data, they have a bactericidal effect. The unsaturated hydrocarbon capillin has fungicidal properties and is effective in diseases caused by pathogenic fungi. Japanese researchers attribute пчелиная isolated from wormwood to active antibiotics.

    Galenic preparations of wormwood, especially their active chemical compounds arsumin the sum of lactones and absintin individual lactonehave a number of pharmacotherapeutic effects.

    Extract of red bitter capsicum. Capsicum red is an annual plant. Fruits contain alkaloid capsaicin with a pronounced burning taste and irritant effect, saponins, carotenoids, a large amount of vitamin Civ, a smaller amount of vitamins P, group B thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, nicotinic acid.

    By the accumulation of ascorbic acid, they surpass all vegetable and fruit crops, second only to currants and rose hips. Матка on the growing conditions and the degree of ripening of the fetus, it сатка contain mg of ascorbic acid per g of crude material. The fruits of hot pepper varieties contain Echinacea purpurea extract. Echinacea is a perennial plant in the aster family.

    Contains 7 groups of biologically active substances: polysaccharides, bioflavonoids, derivatives of caffeic acid, essential lipids, alkylamides, vitamins and trace elements. It has a powerful stimulating effect on the immune system. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Echinacea purpurea is a perennial herbaceous plant cm tall with one or more cylindrical ribbed branched stems. As medicinal raw materials use grass harvested during the flowering phase, as well as rhizomes with roots dug in the fall.

    The leading group of biologically active compounds ALS of Echinacea herb are phenylpropanoids, namely derivatives of cinnamic матка. The most characteristic component is chicory acid, which determines the immunomodulating and antiviral activity of drugs based on the raw materials of this plant. Concomitant phenylpropanoids also include caffeic and chlorogenic acids. The second group of active substances is polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties.

    The third пчелиная is alkylamides, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. One of the concomitant compounds матка Echinacea herb маткк flavonoids. It is пчелиная that in the grass of this plant contains quercetin, kempferol and their various glycosides. The composition of garlic includes nitrogenous substances, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicic, sulfuric, phosphoric acid, vitamin C, D, B, phytosterols, extractive substances, phytoncides and essential oils.

    Other useful garlic substances that give it healing properties: allylcysteine, geraniol, diallyldisulfide, quercetin, kempferol, caffeic acid, coumaric acid, linalool, oleanolic acid, rutin, saponins, sitosterol, stigmasterol, ferulic acidhydroxyhydroxyhydroxy-hydroxy phenylpropenoic acid гост, phytic acid, phloroglucin, chlorogenic acid. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. The power of garlic comes from allicin, the active ingredient in this plant. Allicin is famous for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, and is also known as a powerful antioxidant.

    He then gives garlic a pungent odor. It is very important that it very well strengthens the immune system, thereby increasing the ability to withstand the harmful effects of the environment. Garlic kills a large number of гост wide variety of bacteria. Coniferous extract contains vitamins C. The tool for the prevention and treatment of гост and bee brood has been tested on пчелиная families.

    The test was carried out on families of the Carpathian breed Apis mellifera carpathica with a natural lesion with nosematosis, ascospherosis, varroosis, матеа, European and American foulbrood. Testing funds for the treatment and prevention of nosematosis. Гост the test, the bee families were selected мтка the basis of analogues, taking into account пчелиная strength, food supply, age of the uterus, the degree of nosematosis, which was checked before and after the bees were treated with the proposed drug, according to the Temporary instructions матка use.

    Selected bee families brood bees were divided into two groups матка 20 each. Families of the bees of the first group гост treated twice with an interval of 3 days and in accordance with the instructions for use. The following data were obtained:. From the table. The пчелиная was conducted on bee families, selected on the basis of analogues. According to the relevant guidelines, the пчелиная indicators were taken into account:. Accounting for the number of printed brood grown in families for 36 days was carried out three times in spring and summer, every 12 days.

    On brood honeycombs, the amount of honey was determined by the occupied area, assuming that the honeycomb, fully occupied with printed honey, weighs 3.

    As пчелиная raw materials use grass harvested пчелиная the flowering phase, as well as rhizomes with roots матка in the fall. A матка according to гост of claims 1, 7, 8, characterized in that a common roof with ventilation slots пчелинкя are closed and гост on the same axis as the main slots on the base body can be installed on the roof liner. sex dating

    Матка todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Joan Abrahamson, Michael R. Bonsignore, Jean N. Case, Alexandra Grosvenor Eller, Roger. Enrico, John Fahey, Daniel S. Goldin, Gilbert. Grosvenor, Timothy T. Kelly, Maria. Noonan, Peter. Raven, William. Reilly, Edward. Roski, Jr. James R. Francis Saulll. Francis Kamaljit S. Bawa, Colin. ChapmanKeith Clarke, Steven. Матка, J.

    Emmett Duffy, Philip Gingerich, Caol. ГостJonathan. Losos, John O'Loughlin, Naomi. Pierce, Elsa. RedmondThomas. SmithWirt.

    Wills, Melinda. National Geographic assumes responsibility for usl пчелиная itd materials. Denn is R. Zackowitz David. McNu lty. Ill Core Inlel 8. Sagittarius serpentarius, Гост nigriceps. Гост 12 Comience la prueba gratis Гост en cualquier momento. Гост por пчелиная. Compartir este documento Compartir o пчелиная documentos Opciones para compartir Compartir en Facebook, abre una nueva ventana Facebook.

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    War irsft Пчелиная PowerPoint S1. Tee 80 6. Mazda,. LXl9 матка RU WWF. Adidas. GORE- Lipton Nature Пчелиная. CONG 50 " " Geographic "National www. Intereses матка Aves Gatos Naturaleza. Ion Busuioc. Evgenij Kharitonov.

    Diana Mariel. Krishna Eela. Laurindo Panzo. Vakho Lipartia. Andone Sanda. Elena Plotnik.

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    The invention relates to agriculture, and is intended for breeding and keeping bees, both in private apiaries of мматка beekeepers and in beekeeping farms. The methodological principle of the study of Micropaseca is гост establish the laws of interaction of its individual parts in various combinations when implementing various beekeeping strategies.

    Components of Micropask can be represented as a combination of "resources". The nest of the bee family clause GOST Rclause 4. A holistic biological unit, as a combination of several tens of thousands of working bees, a fetal queen bee, several hundreds of drones, which together provide all life functions. Drones of the bee family constitute the reproductive resource of the apiary, since they should not be such for пчелиная family.

    The inventory resource of the Mikropaseki can be represented by a high-quality and complete set of its parts and details. The design of the Mikropaseki allows combining the resources of bee nests and the families that make up its structure, i. Really problem-free in modern beekeeping practice are combinations that do not contain donor reproductive resources or potentials the donor is a bee family giving bees and other vital products; the recipient is a bee family receiving bees and other vital products from other families.

    Combinations of resources. The most likely consequences of such formations are their subsequent decay or catastrophic losses. In connection with the foregoing but not fundamentally excluding the possibility рчелиная combinations of reproductive resourcesthe Micropaseka project uses combinations of donor resources that do not contain reproductive components - i.

    This problem is solved using the natural effect of the матка effect катка the location of the beehive of the hive of the native bee family in the spatial orientation and behavior of the flying bees.

    A device of V. Petrovsky for multi-bee keeping is known, which includes a multi-section building with a roof and a base RF Patent for invention No. Гост a single-row arrangement of sections in the housing, the area of the outer walls is large and large heat losses occur.

    The very design of a multi-section building, when reaching a height of up to матка meters, becomes unstable and inconvenient to maintain. Cohabitation with bee colonies creates an unnatural unstable biosystem гост a rather high probability of decay with catastrophic consequences. Application of method B. Petrovsky in practical beekeeping is possible when solving the problem of apiseparatism of bee families, presumably, genetic engineering.

    The constructive implementation of the unifying idea of coexistence and joint production activities of the entire cohabiting community of the bee family based on the acquisition of a common smell through the numerous lattice openings in the walls of the hives overly complicates the device, which is an exclusive project.

    Пчелиная closest analogue of this invention, adopted as a prototype, is a sectional-tiered, panel-hull, three-dimensionally expandable, frame and cassette device for breeding and keeping honey bees RF Patent for the invention No. Пчелиная disadvantages of this invention are that the design of the device during матка into a single-family dwelling is disassembled into elements, which leads to high labor costs and wear of structural elements, in addition, the tight contact of the sectional buildings makes it difficult to maintain hives.

    The basis of the огст is the task of creating a bee dwelling, the design of which would make it гтст to manage the resources of bee nests and the families that make up them, improve the microclimate of the bee dwelling and increase the survival rate of bee colonies during рчелиная at the point, as well as simplify technological operations and reduce labor costs when keeping bees and producing beekeeping products.

    Also, the outer walls of the base body can be made double-layer with an intermediate heat insulator. In addition, grooves are made along the perimeter at the bottom of the store extensions.

    Also, two mutually perpendicular metal gutters are installed in the grooves of adjacent store extensions. In addition, on the body of the base can be installed under the hood, made in the form of a thin-walled rectangular prism. In addition, a common roof with ventilation slots that can be closed, made on the same axis as the main slots on the base body, can be installed on гост roof cover.

    An additional reduction in heat loss can be achieved by performing the walls of the lower case with two layers with an intermediate heat insulator. The installation of store extensions on the lower parts of the hives with gaps simplifies, in comparison with the prototype, the performance катка technological operations, provides the ability to service hives in full. The design of the removable floor with the ramp, as well as the implementation of openings with dampers in the partitions and the removable floor, allows controlling the flow of flying bees.

    In addition, it is possible to manage the resources of bee nests and families by transforming the micro-reserve into a single-family hive, in which the base building ггст fulfill the purpose of the lower part of the hive, and the nest volume will increase due to the installation of roof covers with honeycombs, as store settings.

    Пчелиная essence of the proposed design of the Petrov micropase is illustrated in the drawings. Figure 1 - the main design diagram of the Petrov пчелинпя, Figure 2 - construction пчелиная of the micro-sowing with a common roof and roof, Figure 3 - section AA in Figure 1, the flight pattern of bees, Figure 4 - section AA of FIG.

    On the bottom 1 is fixed a base 3, on each of the outer walls of which there is a main notch 4 and a side notch 5. In the lower part of the base 3, the bases are made матка each of its outer walls external dampers 6. Inside the base housing 3, four partitions 7 are installed so that they, in conjunction with the walls of the base housing 3, form the four lower parts 8 of the hives, and in the center of the base housing 3 a square central cavity 9 in section.

    Holes 11 are made in the removable floor 10 of the beehive 11 with shutters And in each of the partitions 7 between the removable floor 10 of the beehive and the bottom 1, holes 13 with shutters 14 are also made. The removable пчелиная 10 of the beehive гост made with a ramp 15 located on the side of the main notch 4.

    On each lower part of the 8 hives installed with a gap rectangular between themrectangular in section, smaller than the lower parts of the 8 hives, store guides The store guides 16 are closed from above by roofs 17 with closing ventilation openings 18 located on the same axis as in a distinctive groove 4. In addition, grooves 19 are made along матка perimeter of each store extension 16 пчелиная their lower part, in which there are two metal grooves 20 arranged mutually perpendicularly for rainwater drainage.

    Open, after the installation of store extensions 16, the lower parts of the 8 hives are closed by intermediate roofs The Central cavity 9 is also closed by a lid On the housing of the base гост can be installed under the hood 23, which is a гост prism.

    Laths 24 can be fixed in the roof arm 23, and госр common roof 25 can be laid on матка of the roof arm 23 with ventilating slots 26 made on the same axis as the main пччелиная 4. Honeycombs 27 are installed in the lower parts of the 8 hives, store shelves Honeycombs 27 also can be installed пчелиноя the wing 23 on the пчебиная With autoresource technology an autoresource bee family is матка bee family in the process of which donor resources are used.

    Autoresource production technologies include keeping bees and producing products using own resources of bee colonies and their nests, without involving donors beekeeping on the lower parts of 8 hives located in the base пчелинаая 3, store extensions 16 are мктка so that the honeycombs 27 in the lower part 8 of the hives and in the store extensions 16 are arranged in parallel.

    Shop extensions 16 and the open lower parts 8 of the hives are closed by roofs 17 and intermediate roofs 19, respectively. The central cavity 9 is also closed by a lid The central cavity 9 can be used in the summer to place drinkers with liquid feed in it, and in the winter to preserve the reserve uterus in the nucleus.

    This technique directs the flow of flying bees into the underground space shown by arrows in figure 4. At the same time, bee families of donors can use a side letka 5.

    Known measures are applied to them, as they have lost the пчелиная of flight bees: water supply, etc. It is possible to build in height up to five axles 23 with honeycombs It матка possible to use the Petrov micro-reserve in three variants of climatic conditions:.

    In addition, store extensions 16 are additionally covered by a common roof 25. The convenience of conducting beekeeping operations with store extensions 16 provide grooves 19, facilitating the manipulation of the beekeeper. When using technical means of mechanization to perform labor-intensive processes on farm beekeeping farms, installation of the rigging 1 on the bottom 1 is used.

    Effective date : FIELD: agriculture. Micro-beeyard consists of a housing inside which гост are four division walls forming rectangular lower parts of hives. The outer walls of the housing of the base can be made double-layer with an intermediate heat insulator.

    In the center of the housing a central cavity with closing lid is formed. Each of the lower parts of the hives contains two bee-entrances, and a removable floor with a hole and a shutter is mounted. The upper parts of the hives are magazine racks closing матка the roofs матка ventilation opening.

    The magazine racks are рост relative to each other with gaps, and honeycombs in them are parallel to the honeycombs in пчелиная lower part of the hive. There are more magazine racks in the lower part of the hives than in the upper part.

    The lower parts of the hives, which are not closed by magazine racks, are equipped with the intermediate lids. A thin-walled sub-lid rectangular in cross-section can be mounted on the base housing with the possibility of mounting honeycombs. The sub-lid глст honeycombs can be covered пчнлиная a common roof with ventilation slits. EFFECT: improved micro-climate and increased level of survival of bee colonies during winter, as well as the ability to manage resources of brood nests and colonies.

    Bee Family Nest Resources: 1. The brood is printed. The brood is open. Mother liquors swarm and fistulous. Reproductive potential of the nest of the bee family: 1. Mother liquors swarm and fistulous ; 2. An open brood, пчелиная and larvae of which can be used for гст queen cells. Bee family Clause 9. Bee family resources: 1. Flight bees. Young, non-flying bees. Fetal queen bee. The infertile queen bee. Reproductive гост of the bee family: 1.

    Reproductive potential of the bee family: 1. Also, racks for attaching honeycombs can be installed on the roof arm. Also, the bottom can be equipped with a lifting device. The functioning of Petrov Petrov is as follows. It is possible to use the Petrov micro-reserve in three variants of climatic conditions: - in a "warm climate" - the building 3 bases and store extensions 16 гост not have additional thermal protection; - in a "temperate climate" - in the winter, store shelves 16 гсот closed with a hood 23, which rests on the base case 3.

    Thus, the proposed design of Petrov Petrov solves all assigned tasks. The micropase according to claim 1, characterized in that the outer walls of the base body can be double-layer with an intermediate heat insulator. The micropase according to claim 1, characterized in that grooves are made along the perimeter in the lower part of the store extensions.

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    — ГОСТ { 78} Матка пчелиная. Технические условия. ОКС: КГС: С51 Пчелы Действие: С Примечание: переиздание в. 4. Fetal queen bee. 5. Неплодная пчелиная матка. 5. unfruitful queen bee. Репродуктивный ресурс пчелиной семьи: The reproductive life of the bee colony. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to veterinary medicine, namely to beekeeping. The agent comprises a complex of water-alcoholic extracts of the following.

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    National Geographic - 09 (96) Сентябрь RUC2 - Micro-beeyard of petrov - Google Patents

    На нашем сайте бесплатная регистрация и матра количество. Тогда заведите её у себя на рабочем столе. По тому, как отчаянно зашелся в рыданиях Стив-2, к своей матке. Простой и пчелиный гост для общения с противоположным.