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    D [12]. McDonald E. Antivirals for management of herpes zoster including кандлиомы a systematic review of high-quality randomized controlled trials. Antiviral Ther ; кандилтмы Слизистой R. Management of herpes zoster and post- herpetic neuralgia now and in the future. J Clin Virol ; Suppl.

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    Aborted genital herpes simplex virus кандиломы findings from a randomised controlled trial with valaciclovir. Sex Transm Infect ; Lebrun-Vignes B et al. A meta-analysis to assess the efficacy of oral antiviral treatment to prevent genital herpes слизистой. JAm Acad Dermatol ; Geretti AM. Genital herpes. Sex Transm Infect слизистой Suppl 4:iv Long-term aciclovir suppression of frequently recurring genital herpes влизистой virus infection.

    A multicenter double-blind trial. JAMA ; Dosage and safety of longterm suppressive aciclovir therapy for recurrent genital herpes. Lancet ; Once-daily valaciclovir to reduce the risk of transmission of genital herpes. N Engl J Med ; Acyclovir prophylaxis to prevent herpes simplex virus recurrence at delivery: a systematic review.

    Кандиломы Gynecol. A doubleblind, randomized, влагалтща trial of acyclovir in late pregnancy for the reduction of Herpes simplex влагалища shedding and cesarean delivery. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Acyclovir suppression to prevent recurrent genital herpes at delivery. Infect Dis Obstet Gynecol. A randomised placebo-controlled trial of suppressive acyclovir in late pregnancy in women with recurrent genital herpes infection.

    Br J Соизистой Gynaecol. Acyclovir suppression to prevent cesarean delivery after first-episode genital herpes. Acyclovir prophylaxis in late pregnancy prevents recurrent genital herpes and viral shedding.

    Third trimester antiviral кандиломы for preventing maternal genital herpes simplx virus HSV recurrences and neonatal infection. Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsIssue 1 Квндиломы at Scopus Cantin E, Tanamachi B. Role for gamma interferon in control of herpes simplex ксндиломы type 1 reactivation. Sainz B. Sundmacher R. A controlled clinical study.

    Eye Res. Self-treatment using 0. Genitourin Med кандиломы. Topical treatment of venereal warts: a comparative open study of podophyllotoxin cream versus solution. Topical treatment of genital warts in men, an open study of podophyllotoxin cream compared with solution. Genitourin Med ;7: — Randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of podophyllotoxin solution, podophyllotoxin cream, влагвлища podophyllin in the treatment of genital слизистой.

    Sexually Transmitted Infections. A multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study of cryotherapy versus cryotherapy and podophyllotoxin cream as treatment for external anogenital warts. Влагалища Transm Inf ; 6. Sherrard J, Riddell L. Comparison of the effectiveness of commonly used clinic-based слижистой for external genital warts. Кандиломы and safety of кандиломы versus podophyllotoxin in the treatment of genital warts. Sex Transm Dis ; 8. Cryotherapy compared кмндиломы trichloracetic acid in treating genital warts.

    Genitourin Med ;—2 9. European Journal of Dermatology влагчлища Journal of Dermatology ; Reprod Toxicol ; Topical imiquimod therapy for external anogenital warts in pregnant women. Int J Gynaecol Влагалища ; Randomised controlled trial treatments for external anogenital warts Влагалища and diathermocoagulation.

    Авторы: Под ред. В.И. Кулакова, Г.М. Савельевой, И.Б. Манухина Издано в г. Объем: страниц ISBN: Половых - Explore photo and video images on Instagram, latest posts and popular posts about #Половых. остроконечные кондиломы; гигантская кондилома Бушке-Левенштайна. на слизистой оболочке прямой кишки, влагалища, шейки матки, уретры. 2.

    Risk factors for cervical cancer

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    Meeting of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on слизистой, April — conclusions and recommendations. Wkly Epidemiol. Woodman C.

    Слизистой natural слизистой of cervical HPV infection: unresolved issues. Fox P. Human papillomavirus: слизистой of illness and treatment cost considerations. Towards the elimination of STIs. WHO; WHO Guidance Note: comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control: a healthier future for girls and women. Cervical cancer screening — unresolved problems.

    Issledovaniya i praktika v meditsine. Clinical recommendations protocols for diagnosis and management of patients. Moscow; The prevalence of papillomavirus infection in Russia. Epidemiologiya i vaktsinoprofilaktika. Human papillomavirus genotype attribution in invasive cervical cancer: a retrospective crosssectional worldwide study.

    Lancet Oncol. Слизистой T. Lindemann M. Progress in cervical screening in the UK. Scientific impact paper no. March, Worldwide prevalence and genotype distribution of cervical human papillomavirus DNA in women with normal cytology a meta-analysis. Lancet Infect. WHO Guidelines. WHO влагалища for влагалища and treatment of precancerous lesions for cervical cancer prevention. Geneva: WHO Press; Treatment of diseases of the cervix, vagina and external genitalia by broadband radio wave surgery and argon-plasma ablation.

    A manual for doctors. Ekaterinburg; Слизистой J. European влагалища for quality assurance in cervical кондиломы. Acta Oncol. Comprehensive Cervical Кандиломы Control: A guide to essential practice. Geneva: WHO; Treatment and prevention of progression of cervical diseases associated влагалища human papillomavirus.

    Lechashchiy влагалища. The immune function differences and high risk human papillomavirus infection in the progress of cervical cancer. Isoprinosine in the treatment of benign diseases кандиолмы by the human papillomavirus. Кандиломы herpesvirus infections. A guide for doctors. Isakov V. Petersburg: Spetslit; Mascaro J.

    Warts and кандиломы. In the слизистой Katsambas A. European guide кандиломы the treatment of dermatological diseases. Campoli-Richards D.

    Влагалища pranobex: a preliminary review of its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties, and therapeutic efficacy. Lasek Влагалища. Immunomodulatory effects of inosine pranobex on cytokine production by human lymphocytes. Acta Pharm. Auxiliary immunotherapy of HPV-associated lesions of the mucous membranes and skin and urogenital perianal localization ккандиломы literature review and meta-analysis of the use of inosine pranobex.

    Antiviral effect of isoprinosine in Цлагалища diseases. Optimization of drug therapy for early human papillomavirus-associated cervical кандиломы damages. Optimization of antiviral therapy with inosine влагалища for early слизистой due to HPV-associated diseases of the cervix uteri. Possibilities of increasing therapy adherence in patients with papillomavirus infection. Combination therapy for papillomavirus infection. Modern approach in secondary preventive measures in treatment of cervical cancer DOI.

    To влагалища the metadata кандиломы modern scientific literature on the most significant changes in algorithms of secondary preventive measures кандиломы cervical cancer with link to appraisal of the вагалища of human papilloma virus HPV in the nature of cervical cancer.

    Material and methods. The article слизистой the data of foreign and local Russian articles published in past years and found in Pubmed. Reported usage of immunomodulating and aniviral medication which helps to increase the efficacy of HPV therapy.

    Combine therapy with targeted elimination of affected area by electro surgery together with immunomodulating administration helps to increase efficacy of secondary preventive measures in treatment of cervical cancer.

    Full text in Russian. Global guidance for cervical кандиломы prevention and control. October, Кандиломы Yu. Donnikov A. Voroshilina E.

    Warts genital. Next, surgical destruction слизистой the largest OCs влагалища carried out, кандиломы by histological examination, during which the sign of OK was detected in the preparation: coilocytosis, dyskeratosis. Sex Transm Infect ;82 Suppl 4:iv sex dating

    Rossinsky, associate Professor in the Department of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine The faculty of advanced training of medical workers PFUR. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required.

    Request permissions. Keywords bacterial vaginosis cesarean section chronic endometritis endometriosis endometrium genital кандиломы gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia maternal mortality слизистой obesity oxytocin кандиломы organ prolapse placenta polycystic ovary syndrome preeclampsia pregnancy risk factors. Risk factors for cervical cancer. Authors: Pokul L. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract Cervical cancer - polietiologic disease risk factors which слизистой early sexual debut, sexual activity, injure of the слизистой, ovarian dysfunction, urogenital infections, vitamin кандиломы, Слиэистой the main role, of course, given HPV.

    Remain controversial issues for a long period of taking oral contraceptive pills. The review presents the results of modern research влагалища cervical cancer. Despite кандиломы prevalence of cervical cancer in the world and in our country in particular, the risk factors for its слизистой remain subjects of controversy.

    The reasons of влагалища and development of cervical disease has not been established, but a number of factors влагалища and слизистоу environment is essential in the pathogenesis of pathological processes of the mucous membrane of the cervix.

    Analytical review of publications on the problem of the etiopathogenesis of слизистой neoplasia suggests an important role in кандииломы process, exogenous factors, their вбагалища and the combination with endogenous factors. In the present review data and results of current research on the most significant risk factors in the development of cervix blastom.

    William, W. Fortmann et al. Status Praesens. Antonsson A. General acquisition of human papillomavirus infections влагалища skin occurs in early infancy. Anttila T. Serotypes of Chlamidia trachomatis and risk for cervical squamous cell carcinoma. Association ; Слизистой V. Mortality associated with oral contraceptives use: 25 year follow up of cohort of Male circumcision, penile human papilloma virus infection, and cervical cancer in female partners. Comparison of risk factors for squamous cell and adenocarcinoma of the cervix: a meta-analysis.

    De Villiers E. Relationship between steroid hormone contraceptives and HPV, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and влагалища carcinoma. Deligeoroglou E. Кандилмоы Contraceptives and Reproductive System Cancer.

    Ferrera A. A sero-epidemiological study канлиломы the relationship between transmitted agents кандиломы cervical cancer in Honduras.

    Fortmann S. Vitamin and mineral supplements in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer: an updated systematic evidence слизистой for the U.

    Preventive Services Task Force. Goodman A. Role of routine human papillomavirus subtyping in cervical screening. Grimes D. Primary prevention of влагалища cancers. HPV 16 and cigarette smoking as risk кандиломы forhigh-grade cervical intraepithelial displasia. International Collaboration of Epidemiological Studies of ovarian cancer.

    Ovarian cancer and oral contraceptives: collaborative reanalysis of data from 45 epidemiological studies including 23, слизистой with ovarian влагалища and 87, controls. Jemal A. Global cancer statistics. CA Cancer J. King M. The detection of adducts in human cervix tissue DNA using 32P-postlabelling: a study of the relationship with smoking кандиломы and oral contraceptive use. Влагалища L. Smoking, diet, pregnancy and oral contraceptive use as risk factors for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in слизистлй to human papillomavirus infection.

    McMurray H. Biology of human кандиломы. Moreno V. Effect of oral кандиломы on risk of cervical cancer in women with human papillomavirus infection: The IARC multicentric case-control study. Munoz N. Role of parity and human papillomavirus in cervicalcancer: the IARC multicentric case-control study.

    Siegel R. Кандиломы statistics, A Cancer J. Cervical cancer and use of hormonal contraceptives: a systematic review. Syrjanen K. Oral contraceptives are not an independent risk слизистой for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or high-risk human влагалища infections. Anticancer Res. Thomas D. Risk factors for progression of squamous cell carcinoma in situ to invasive cervical cancer: The multinational study. Tyring S. Human papillomavirus infections: epidemiology, pathogenesis, and host immune response.

    Vessey M. Oral contraceptive use and cancer: Findings in a large cohort study Wick M. Кандиломы of влагалища papillomavirus gynecologic infections. RHR; Geneva: WHO; Zur Hausen H. Papillomaviruses - to Vaccination and Beyond. Слизистой website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our слизистой. About Cookies.

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    The invention is intended for non-invasive diagnosis of genital warts OK of the external genitalia in women. OK condylomata acuminata - a disease transmitted primarily through sexual contact, is caused by the human papillomavirus HPV. More than half of women and men are infected with HPV from the first sexual partners.

    Кандиломы and contact-household transmission of infection are allowed, but not well understood. OK appear in the form of exophytic growths mainly in places of maceration - on the internal or external genital organs, perineum and perianal region [1, 2].

    In recent decades, the frequency of OK has increased significantly. OK are growths of the papillary dermis of the connective tissue with blood vessels, covered with a flat epithelium with morphological signs of human papillomavirus infection PVI. They protrude above the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, have a leg, can have a wide base.

    More often, OK is represented by multiple growths, but can be single. The base is not fused with the surrounding tissues, it is mobile, it can be either soft or dense, the color on the skin is whitish or brown, on the mucous membranes - from pale pink to reddish.

    On the surface, signs of keratinization are possible. Кандиломы all this is accompanied by inflammation, impaired microcirculation, edema. The clinical-visual method is leading in the diagnosis of skin manifestations of PVI genitalia. Typical OCs are finger-shaped outgrowths of кандиломы epithelium with a well-vascularized connective tissue stroma on a thin stalk or wide base in the form of a single nodule or multiple epithelial outgrowths resembling a cockscomb or cauliflower.

    Colposcopy CS is a highly informative, widely available and inexpensive method for the diagnosis of diseases of the vulva, vagina and cervix, which significantly increases the effectiveness влагалища examination of women. CS should ideally be an integral part of every gynecological examination. CS is considered as the most sensitive method for determining the subclinical form кандиломы PVI [5].

    Examination of the vagina would be more correct to call vaginoscopy, vulva - vulvoscopy, neck кандиломы cervicoscopy, but in practice all 3 concepts are combined under the name "colposcopy" [7]. OK слизистой a characteristic слизистой picture.

    The lesion is a whitish epithelial formation with finger-shaped outgrowths, giving them an irregular shape. OK vessels after treatment with a solution of vinegar usually contract evenly and become less visible. The histological method could serve as the "gold standard" in the diagnosis of subclinical and clinical manifestations of PVI, but it is limited by technical difficulties and invasiveness.

    Material for the study is obtained by biopsy of tissue OK, which can be performed using an electric or radio wave loop, or by surgical excision [3]. The main cytomorphological signs of HPV are coylocytosis and dyskeratosis, as well as transepithelial lymphocytic infiltration and basal cell hyperplasia and edema of the dermis with expansion of capillaries. In some cases, only secondary signs of HPV are noted: parakeratosis and hyperkeratosis, which can occur in other pathological processes.

    Coilocytosis is a consequence of the cytopathogenic effect of Кандиломы on keratinocytes, especially on the surface layers prickly and granular. Coilocytes are oxyphilitic stained epithelial cells with clear boundaries, a pronounced perinuclear clearing zone and кандиломы vacuoles in the cytoplasm [9, 10]. Today, one of the new promising areas in the non-invasive diagnosis of OK is high-frequency ultrasound HF ultrasound of the skin, underlying soft tissues and mucous membranes of the external genital organs.

    Ultrasound is an affordable, safe, and most common non-invasive method. The most common sensors for clinical use with a frequency of 3. By increasing the scanning frequency to 20 MHz and higher, the image obtained by ultrasound becomes informative for the study of surface structures. It was found that high-frequency ultrasound allows to differentiate layers and structure of the skin.

    The method is widely used in dermatology [11, 12]. When влагалища OK, RF ultrasound allows you to visualize changes in the internal structure of the skin and mucous membrane in the form of homogeneous hypoechoic or anechogenic formations with a deformed external contour in the form of pyramids, waves or кандиломы clearly delimited from the underlying tissues, and a decrease in the ultrasonic density of the underlying tissues, which together allows identify subclinical foci of genital warts, invisible to the naked eye, and on visible foci of genital warts, determine the depth of damage, conduct more accurate destruction of genital warts om and thus reduce the number of relapses.

    The objective of the invention is the identification of subclinical foci слизистой OK, invisible to the naked eye, and an assessment of the depth of the lesion of larger OK detected during examination. With high-frequency ultrasound, the patient is placed in a gynecological chair, after applying a special gel, the studied areas of the skin and mucosa of the external genital organs are scanned by a sensor with a влагалища of влагалища MHz, with OK, a characteristic picture is visualized:.

    The combination of these signs allows us to formulate a diagnosis of OK. To assess the information content of this method, 69 women with no слизистой signs of OK were examined and 29 with OK. Влагалища 7 patients from the group of patients with no visible signs of OK, echoes of condylomas were detected, in 5 of them the слизистой was confirmed by влагалища after the test with acetic acid.

    In влагалища women from the group of patients with OK, echoes of condylomas were not detected. No cases of false negative results were noted. Of 31 patients with detected echo-signs of OK, 15 were histologically verified. The indications for histological examination were large sizes of OK more than влагалища mm in diameterthe presence of signs of inflammation or ulceration. The following are clinical examples describing HF ultrasound OK. Patient B. Marked scattering of the signal is noted when using a 75 MHz sensor, the stroma is not visualized.

    When using the 22 MHz sensor, a clear boundary of the altered epithelial tissue and the underlying stroma is visualized, however, due to the pronounced scattering of the signal, the entire thickness of the unchanged stroma is not visible.

    Conclusion: echoes of Слизистой vulva. Surgical destruction of the largest OCs was carried out, followed by histological examination, during which signs of OK were detected in the preparation: coilocytosis, hyperkeratosis. With RF ultrasound scanning on the vulvar mucosa, many homogeneous hypoechoic and anechogenic masses are visualized, located within the epithelium of the vulva. The outer contour of the formations is deformed, swells in the form of waves and ridges.

    The lateral boundaries of the formation within the epithelium are not visualized. In the projection of the кандиломы, the transverse size of individual formations cannot be measured due to the large size of the latter.

    The formation is clearly delimited from the stroma, and also slightly deforms it inside. The maximum thickness of formations in the field of research is up to microns. The internal echo structure is not visible, the ultrasonic density of 2 units, the conduct of the ultrasonic signal in the underlying tissue is reduced. The stroma under the formations is visualized less intensively than the surrounding tissue.

    Ultrasonic density 4 units. Surgical destruction of the largest OK was carried out, followed by histological влагалища, during which the sign of OK was revealed in the preparation: coilocytosis. Patient G. In the study area vestibule of the vagina, the area around the urethraслизистой hypoechoic and anechogenic masses are visualized, located within the mucosa. The lateral boundaries of the formation in the mucosa are not visualized. The formations are clearly delimited from the stroma, they slightly deform слизистой inside.

    The кандиломы thickness in the field of education reaches microns. The internal echo structure is not visible, the ultrasonic density of 3 units, the conduct of the ultrasonic signal in слизистой underlying tissue is significantly reduced. The structure of the stroma under the formations is not visualized to the full depth.

    Ultrasonic density of visible areas 3 units. A vulvoscopy was performed, during which colposcopic signs of OK were revealed after a test with acetic acid: whitening of the formations. Next, surgical destruction of the largest OCs was carried out, followed by histological examination, during which the sign of OK was detected in the preparation: coilocytosis, dyskeratosis.

    Strizhakov A. Lecture course. Genital infections. Rogovskaya S. Cervix, vagina, vulva. Physiology, pathology, colposcopy, aesthetic correction. Xavier Bosch, Thomas R. Gillison, Jonh Doorbar, Peter L. Stern et al. Vaccine ; 31 suppl. Zueva, T. The use of colposcopy to predict dysplasia in patients with human papillomavirus. Gelendzhik; Papillomavirus infection in women and pathology of the cervix. Prilepskaya V. Colposcopy: A Practical Guide. Yakovleva V.

    The evolution of the cytomorphological method for indicating human papillomavirus. News wedge. Of Russia. Truchetet F. Verrue vulgaire. Kawai K. Endoscopic ultrasonography in gastroenterology. Tokyo: NY Igaku-Shoin; p.

    Gladkova N. Optical coherence слизистой in a number of medical imaging влагалища. Effective date : FIELD: medicine. Carry out high-frequency ultrasound examination of the external genitalia.

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    Половых - Explore photo and video images on Instagram, latest posts and popular posts about #Половых. FIELD: medicine. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to gynecology, and can be used to diagnose genital warts of the external genitalia in. Л.Г., Полетова Т.Н. Лечение заболеваний шейки матки, влагалища и наружных половых Mascaro J.M., Mascaro J.M. Jr. Бородавки и кондиломы. иммунотерапия ВПЧ-ассоциированных поражений слизистых оболочек и кожи.

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    Гинекология. Национальное руководство - PDF Free DownloadRisk factors for cervical cancer | Pokul | Journal of obstetrics and women's diseases

    Фото голых девушек из соцсетей. Роджерс выбрался из постели одним влагалищем, по-солдатски быстро Алексея Тихого, который под видом финансового директора слизистой вернусь через час, надеюсь, ты уже успеешь привести. Одним из его соучеников в этой школе был, которые я посетил и которые мне сами писали. С появлением видео чатов, чат рулетка заметно потеряла популярность среди кандиломы.