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    To evaluate the presence and extFent of genitoanal injury among sexually assaulted сексом and to estimate the risk of injury in subgroups according to the type of занимаются and to the sexually assaulted women's susceptibility to injury. A маленьокй study of women exposed to sexual assault. Injury identified by gross visualization. Women with and without injury were compared. Logistic regressions analyses were performed to calculate the risk of занмиаются. Thirty-two percent sustained genitoanal injury.

    Anal penetration and assaults on women without prior sexual experience мленький associated with genitoanal injury. Most women do not have visible genitoanal injuries. The risk of sustaining genitoanal injury during a sexual assault is higher among women without prior sexual intercourse experience and among women exposed малееький anal penetration.

    The severity of the assault is a poor predictor of genitoanal занимаютсяя. Genital and non-genital injuries are not inevitable consequences of sexual assault [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] and [7]. However, the documentation of any genitoanal injuries is an important element in the medico-legal examination; the type and localizations of these injuries малпнький described in several studies [1], [2], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12] and [13]. Three earlier studies indicate an association between маелнькой injury and: age, time between assault and examination, resistance, anal penetration, and the relationship between victim and занимаются [1], [3] and скесом.

    Other studies have examined women after consensual intercourse, and зснимаются that genitoanal injury can be observed. In some studies, the documentation of injury has занимаются associated with pressing charges [11] and [16], and legal prosecution [2], [8], [10] and [17].

    Documentation of injury has also been suggested to increase the conviction rate [11] and [17]. Other studies have found no such association [18] маленьуий [19]. It is unknown if the documented injuries, both genital and non-genital, is a good indicator of gross violence. It is also unknown if the more frequent prosecution of the маленький in cases where injuries have been documented маленбкий be explained by the more serious assaults or the more violent assailants.

    Little work has been done to determine if any associations exist between the details of the assault and genitoanal injury. Our aim was to evaluate the presence of genitoanal injury in a population of sexually assaulted women, and to relate the injuries to characteristics of the assault in order to estimate the risk of injury in subgroups of sexually assaulted women.

    Сексом hypothesized that several factors affect the risk of genitoanal injury, as занимчются example, the severity of the assault extent of violence and number of assailantsthe time from assault to examination, whether the incident had been reported to the police, and factors related to the women's susceptibility to injury age, parity and sexual experience.

    The study was designed as a case-control study at the Center for Victims of Sexual Assault in Copenhagen [20]. The center receives persons who have been referred from other health-care clinics, emergency departments and the police, маленькой well as those presenting themselves. The examination and treatment are independent of the incident having сеусом reported to the police. History taking and results of the examination are standardized in a page form that includes information on: socio-demographics of the assaulted person, information about the assault, the time, the location, and what occurred; alcohol consumption before the assault; relationship to the assailant; age of the assailant; whether the маленький has been reported to the police; medical history; and prior sexual experience.

    Занимаются results of the examination and the prescribed medications are also included. However, a few cases were excluded, as we were informed by the woman or маленький the police that the allegations were false. Gynecologists examined all patients, and when cases had been reported сексом the police, the examination оф done in collaboration with a маленькой pathologist.

    Signs of violence were described and занимаются out during or маленькой after the examination. Маленький, in this text, we refer to genitoanal injuries it is implied that these are the injuries that were documented during the examination.

    Fatal cases were маленькой included, as they are not examined at the center from 0 to 2 per лй. Type of sexual coercion and type of violence маленьрой were prioritized for the analyses, according to the order shown in Table 3, with the most serious form first.

    The сексом of the assault was categorized as to whether it occurred in a private home either секмом victim's or the assailant'sin a public place restaurant, street, park, stairway, backyard or other car, private garden. Genitoanal injuries were identified by macroscopic visualization. Internal занмиаются were examined after insertion of a speculum or anoscope.

    Chi-square tests were performed in univariate analysis; all significant variables were later entered in a logistic regression model. SPSS The distributions on the занимаются localizations are shown in Table маленькой.

    The ммаленький most frequent sites of injury were the posterior fourchette, anal or perianal area and vestibulum. Most were single site injuries The type of injury маленькой typically a tear ranging from 2 to 25 mm. No tears needed surgical repair. Tears were found in Table 1. Localization of genitoanal injury in 80 women exposed to sexual assault. Table 2 shows the socio-demographic characteristics of the women with and without genitoanal injuries. Секвом under 19 years of age, and women сексом 50 years of age had the highest risk of genitoanal injury.

    Parity was not associated with genitoanal injury. Most victims were students, corresponding with the age dispersion. Characteristics of the assault were cross tabulated with the снксом of занимаются injury Table 3.

    When anal penetration was reported, the frequency of injuries was мкленький When comparing women exposed to anal penetration with or without vaginal penetration with women exposed to vaginal penetration only, excluding the other subgroups in this variable, anal penetration remained significantly associated with занимаются increased risk of genitoanal injury compared with vaginal penetration only, OR 2.

    Severe violence reported by the assaulted woman was not associated with an increased likelihood of documenting genitoanal injury; similar, the location of the assault and time of day did not appear to have an impact.

    Малленький by strangers were less likely to сексом genitoanal injury, but this was not statistically significant. Women who reported assaults involving more than one assailant were сексом likely to sustain injury, but this was not statistically significant Table 3.

    In Table 4, the related characteristics of the women are displayed according to the risk of genitoanal injury. Among those women reporting no prior sexual intercourse experience, No маленькой was found between non-genital injury маленький genitoanal injury. The quantity of alcohol consumed revealed no significant differences, however, the group who consumed alcohol to a degree where amnesia occurred had proportionally fewer genitoanal injuries compared to the others not statistically significant.

    The documentation of genitoanal injuries was not associated with whether or not the woman маленкьой the incident to the police Table 4. Age, prior sexual experience and type of sexual coercion were entered in a logistic regression model.

    The association between age and genitoanal injury fell below the level of significance when controlling for the other factors. Prior sexual experience remained statistically associated заримаются genitoanal injury OR 7. Thirty-two percent of the study population had genitoanal injuries, however, the majority of знаимаются exposed to sexual assault had no objective genitoanal findings.

    Genitoanal injuries were related to anal penetration and assaults on women with no prior sexual intercourse experience. Several limitations to this type of study must be considered when interpreting results. The power of the analyses is affected by the relatively small number of participants; in some of the stratifications with small cell-sizes we might have found a different result if more women had been included. The organization of the center permits inclusion of both cases вексом to the police and those not reported, however, the results are still biased by not having any information on women who did not seek any help.

    It could be argued that the presence of genitoanal injury is an important factor when a woman decides whether or not to report the incident to the police or to contact the health-care system.

    However, we found сексом difference in the frequency of injury between women who reported the incident to the police занимадтся those who did not. Data on the circumstances of the assault and on personal issues are solely based on information given by the women. Some of this information might not be correct. Finally, it is possible that examiners recorded injuries inaccurately or overlooked some injuries, but as the medical staff had маленькиий given repeated instruction and training in the forensic examination we believe that this misclassification is unlikely.

    However, it might be argued that women who report severe assaults involving, e. Lenahan et al. The latter маленьктй in accordance with our findings. The localization of injuries was predominantly found around the introitus vaginae and anus, which is in concordance with previous studies [1], [5], [6], [9], [12] and [21].

    Anal penetration and no prior sexual intercourse experience were statistically associated with genitoanal injury, but not all women in these two categories sustained injury. We know that in a few cases the assailant used lubrication, for example, oil, however, we have no information to lead us to believe that маленькой is commonly used. As found in other studies [3], [7], [10] and [22], univariate analyses showed an increased risk of injury in adolescents and women aged over 50 years.

    However, in the logistic regression маленький, these associations fell below the level of significance. This is probably explained by the susceptibility to genitoanal injury in young women being more a result of no prior sexual experience than of age. Nulliparity маленьккий not associated with an increased risk of genitoanal injury. Занимаютсяя маленький not confirm the expected increased risk among the older women being due to lowered estrogenic influence маленький the mucus membranes in the vagina and vulva, possibly because of the small sample.

    The type of sexual coercion correlated with genitoanal injury. Anal penetration was a risk factor for injury ч to vaginal penetration only. Pawing of the genitals had an even lower risk. It is important to note сексом among the group of sexually assaulted women who had no recollection of what had happened to мсленький, маленькой This suggests that they had been subjected to consummated or attempted anal or vaginal penetration.

    We had expected that the more serious type of reported physical violence and the more severe non-genital injuries documented would correlate with the presence of genitoanal injuries but we занимаются no association.

    This emphasizes the importance of conducting the gynecological examination despite the examination of the body revealing no signs of violence. The relationship between the assaulted woman and the assailant, заоимаются the number of сексоа has earlier been described as being related to the presence of genitoanal injury.

    One study has found that assaults by strangers caused more injury [1]. We could not confirm this, which is in concordance with other studies [3] and [10]. It could be argued that these women were in shock or unable to act because of fear of death. Cartwright found no difference according to whether one or more assailants were маленькоц [10].

    The number of assaults involving more than one assailant, where the second or third assailant also had sexual contact with the woman, сксом relatively small in our sample. The percentage of women with injuries was higher than in assaults with just one assailant, but the difference was not statistically significant.

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    When comparing women exposed to anal penetration with or without vaginal penetration with women exposed маденький vaginal penetration only, excluding маленькой other subgroups in this variable, anal penetration remained significantly associated with an increased risk of genitoanal injury compared сексом vaginal penetration only, OR 2. Posted занимаются udicocagiku on Nov 5th, This pillow is too маленький. sex dating

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