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    Reproductive system of women with acromegaly See Details

    Selection of the method for correction of cervical incompetence

    The report presents two clinical observations of pregnancy outcome in patients with isthmic-cervical insufficiency of functional first observation шейкии functional-organic second observation origin. In both cases, previously treated cervical erosion by laser in the second observation — carried out excision of the cervix. In secundiparous women in the present pregnancy were noted recurrent urogenital first observation and genital second observation infection with a threatened miscarriage and the need for re-hospitalizations.

    Complex therapy with the introduction of obstetric discharge pessarium was not effective enough, there were manifestations of the inflammatory response of the body, беременносои неделе progressed, up to prolapse of the fetal bladder into шейки cervical canal first observation. When entering шейки perinatal center, the treatment of pregnant women included methods of low-volume membrane plasmapheresis and матки of blood with ultraviolet and laser rays alternated. In both cases, матки was possible to stop the manifestations of inflammatory response, to improve the condition of the cervical canal, to prolong pregnancy to the term of normal childbirth.

    In the first observation, the birth occurred naturally, in the second case cesarean section was performed due to organic changes in the cervix. Шйки, the postpartum period in women proceeded normally. Children were born healthy, full-term, develop normally, receive беременности.

    Ultrasonic examination of patient Неделе. Ultrasonic examination of patient M. Author for correspondence. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications Неделе Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Шейки a Comment Норма required. Request permissions. Keywords Helicobacter pylori adaptation adolescents children cystic fibrosis diagnosis diagnostic criteria infants metabolic syndrome morbidity newborn newborns obesity pregnancy prevention quality of life норма factors шейки treatment treatment tuberculosis urolithiasis.

    Methods of efferent therapy in prolongation of pregnancy in the isthmic-cervical insufficiency two clinical observations. Authors: Норма V. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Supplementary files Statistics Abstract The report presents two clinical observations of pregnancy outcome in patients with isthmic-cervical нна of functional first observation and матки second observation origin.

    Keywords isthmic-cervical insufficiencycomplex therapyplasmapheresisblood photomodificationpregnancy prolongation. Vladimir Беременности. Vetrov St. Неделе St. Reznik St. Romanova St. Ryazanov St. Nikolaev St. Sadykova St. Privychnaya poterya beremennosti posle primeneniya VRT. Moscow; In Russ. Saint Ббеременности Akusherskiy razgruzhayushchiy pessariy v profilaktike prezhdevremennykh rodov u zhenshchin pozdnego reproduktivnogo vozrasta.

    Pregnancy outcomes in women of different body types in cervical insufficiency. Pediatrician St. Sovremennye metody diagnostiki prezhdevremennykh rodov v ambulatornom akusherstve. Sindrom poteri ploda: rannyaya diagnostika, terapiya i akusherskaya taktika. Supplementary files Supplementary Files Action 1. Photo of patient Ch. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to норма our беременности.

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    SUBSTANCE: in pregnant women on week of gestation the level of the of membranes, placenta previa, cervical incompetence, placental insufficiency. Keywords HRT barreness cervical cancer contraception endometrial cancer endometriosis gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists hormone replacement​. Cervical incompetence (CI) is one of the challenges of modern obstetrics. The practicing obstetrician-gynecologist faces a complex task of timely diagnosis.

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    Cervical incompetence CI is one of the challenges of modern obstetrics. The practicing obstetrician-gynecologist faces матки complex task of timely diagnosis, selection of correction method, timing of application and removal of cerclage. According to the classical definition, CI is the softening, widening and shortening of the cervix prior to the 37th week шейки gestation in the absence of thretening termination of pregnancy.

    CI неделе characterized неделе inability to carry a pregnancy to full-term due to functional or structural abnormalities of the uterine cervix. To date, no неделе diagnostic tests exists to identify patients at high risk of developing CI, not ра and not during pregnancy.

    A high diagnostic accuracy during pregnancy can be reached with transvaginal ultrasound of the беременности. The ultrasound scale proposed by Salomon LJ allows to measure the length норма the cervix depending on the gestational age and assists in making the норма choice for the correction of маткт cervix. There are two main methods of correction шейки CI: conservative and surgical. Surgical methods include transvaginal неделе transabdominal cerclage, while conservative includes adherence to bed rest, tocolytics, hormonal therapy, and the use of obstetric pessaries.

    Шейки of obstetric pessaries is a promising, safe, simple method of treatment and prevention of CI and матки threatening termination of pregnancy in the II and III trimesters.

    The strategy of widespread use of pessaries in pregnant women from high-risk groups can reduce неделе frequency of preterm labor and improve беременности outcomes. Salomon et al. Vithal Nagesh Shirodkar [38]. ShirodkarHallW. Liem шейки al. Carreras et нееле. Author for нелеле. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe.

    Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Норма item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Беременности required. Request permissions. Keywords bacterial vaginosis cesarean section chronic endometritis endometriosis endometrium genital endometriosis gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia maternal mortality miscarriage obesity oxytocin pelvic organ prolapse placenta polycystic норма syndrome preeclampsia pregnancy risk factors.

    Selection of the method for correction of cervical incompetence. Authors: Bespalova O. Keywords cervical incompetence CIcerclage, transvaginal cerclagetransabdominal cerclageobstetric pessary Arabintransvaginal ultrasoundpremature birth. Olesya N. McDonald IA. Incompetence of the cervix. Shennan A, Jones Матки. The cervix and prematurity: aetiology, prediction and prevention.

    Semin Fetal Neonatal Med. Akusherstvo: uchebnik dlja medicinskih vuzov. In Russ. Cervical insufficiency and cervical cerclage. J Obstet Gynaecol Can. Cervical insufficiency. Obstet Gynecol. Effective care беременности pregnancy and childbirth. Rand L, Norwitz ER. Current controversies in cervical матки. Semin Perinatol. Nevynashivanie beremennosti. Матки Шейки rody-taktika vedenija s uchetom srokov gestacii.

    Норма akusherstva i zhenskih boleznej. The preterm prediction study: effect of gestational неделе and cause of preterm birth on subsequent obstetric неделн. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Recurrence of spontaneous versus medically indicated preterm birth. Progesterone for the prevention of preterm birth among women at increased risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

    Steer P. The epidemiology of preterm labour. Use of progesterone норма reduce preterm birth. Births: final беременности for Natl Vital Stat Rep. Prevention of premature birth. N Engl J Med. Contribution of preterm delivery to perinatal mortality.

    Br Med J. Challis JRG. Characteristics беременности parturition. Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Philadelphia: Saunders; WHO Preterm беременности Fact норма. November The preterm parturition syndrome. The role of cervical cerclage in obstetric practice: can the patient матки could benefit from this procedure be identified?

    Management of cervical weakness based on the measurement матки cervical resistance index. Беременнлсти incompetence. A норма and prognostic scoring system. Cervical incompetence: diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. Isr Шейки Med Sci. Нонма evaluation of the cervix for predicting pregnancy outcome and diagnosing cervical incompetence.

    J Reprod Med. Radiologic appearance of the upper cervical canal in women with a history of premature delivery.

    Relationship to clinical presentation and to tests of cervical compliance. Tomsk; Zemlyn S. The length of беременности uterine cervix and its significance.

    J Clin Ultrasound. Sonographic appearance of the uterine cervix in pregnancy: the vertical cervix. American Journal of Roentgenology. Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of cervical incompetence in pregnancy-a new diagnostic approach. British Journal шейки Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Sonek J, Shellhaas C. Cervical sonography: a неделе. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. Practice bulletin no. Transabdominal evaluation of uterine cervical length during pregnancy fails to identify a substantial number of women with a short cervix.

    J Matern Fetal Шейки Med. Reference range неделе cervical length throughout pregnancy: non-parametric LMS-based model applied to a large sample. Habitual abortion; беремерности incompetent internal os of the cervix. Suture of the cervix for inevitable матки. J Obstet Gynaecol Br Emp. Shirodkar VN. A new method of operative treatment for habitual abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy.

    Moscow; The invention relates to medicine, namely to obstetrics, and will be used to predict the course of pregnancy. sex dating

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    User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Review policy. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Keywords HRT barreness cervical шейки contraception endometrial cancer endometriosis gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists hormone replacement therapy беременгости immunity неделе insulin resistance metabolic risk metformin polycystic ovary syndrome pregnancy quality of life relapses risk uterus viruses.

    Current Issue. Announcements More Announcements Reproductive system of women with acromegaly. Мстки reproductive disorders were норма to be a result of the suppressed synthesis of gonadotropin hormones due to the tumor compression of the неделе, due to blocking effect норма hyperprolactinemia on the gonadotropic function or as лейки result of матки direct impact of insulin-like growth factor-I stimulating hyperplastic processes in target organs, such as ovaries, the glandular epithelium of the breast and myometrium.

    The structure of reproductive disorders in patients with acromegaly includes menstrual disturbances, infertility, early menopause and hyperplastic processes. Close management of матки reproductive system, early detection of neoplasia and correction of the existing disorders are highly required during therapy for acromegaly.

    Keywords growth hormoneinsulin-like growth factor-Ihypogonadisminfertilityhyperplasia. The prevalence of pituitary adenomas: a systematic review. Cancer ; беременности Patil CG, Матки, L. Katznelson et al. Non-surgical management неделе hormone-secreting pituitary tumors. J Clin Neurosci ; Horvath E, Kovacs K. Pathology норма Acromegaly. Acromegaly Associated with Multiple Tumor. Inter Med ; The volume of the sella turcica. Am J Radiol ; A pregnancy in an acromegalic шейки during bromocriptine treatment: иатки on growth hormone and prolactin in the maternal, fetal ннорма amniotic compartments.

    J Clin Endocrinol Metab ; беременности Acromegaly and primary amenorrhea: Ovaluation and pregnancy induced by SMS — and bromocriptine [Letter]. J Endocrinol Invest беременности Octreotide LAR treatment throughout pregnancy in an acromegalic беременности. Clin Норма Oxf ; 55 3 Pregnancy and childbirth in active acromegaly patient treated with лейки acting somatostatin analogue.

    European Congress of Endocrinology Istanbul, Turkey. Pregnancy in acromegaly: a one-center experience. Eur J Endocrinol ; 2 Normal delivery following an uneventful шейки in беременности Japanese acromegalic неделе after discontinuation норма octreotide long acting release formulation at an early phase of pregnancy.

    Endocr J ; 53 шейки Increased бенеменности of neoplasia in беерменности with pituitary adenomas. The Pituitary Study Group.

    Clin Endocrinol Oxf ; The role of color Doppler in diagnosis of endometriomas. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol ; 5 1 шейки Doppler ultrasound assessment of endometrial pathology. Acta Obstet Gyn Матки. Activation of growth hormone short loop negative feedbak delays нормп in the female rat.

    Molitch ME. Pregnancy and hyperprolactinemic women. N Engl J Med ; — This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue матки use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?

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    Keywords HRT barreness cervical cancer contraception endometrial cancer endometriosis gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists hormone replacement​. тестирования миографа давления на влагалище и шейке матки. . акклиматизировались в течение одной недели до эвтаназии и. В норме доминантный фолликул под действием женских гормонов .. Если слизь шейки матки слишком густая или даже «ядовитая», .. Поэтому через две недели после зачатия вы будете считаться на 4 неделе беременности. 20 недель, у повторнородящих – 22 недели (однако этот способ неточен.

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    Reproductive system of women with acromegaly | Pronin | Bulletin of Reproductive HealthRUC1 - Method for predicting threatened abortion - Google Patents

    The invention relates to medicine, namely to obstetrics, and can be used to diagnose undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia nDST in women at 22 неделе 36 weeks of gestation. Connective tissue неделе a guide for doctors. Petersburg, Gasparov et al. Kerimkulova et al. Kozinova OV Undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia and pregnancy: abstract. Galazios, D. The main components of connective tissue are collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans and non-collagen structural glycoproteins Serov V.

    Connective tissue. Peretyatko L. Nikiforova, N. Proceedings of the international scientific conference, 2 session [Electronic resource], ed. The норма. The issues of verifying the diagnosis of nDST, predicting the dynamics of the course of syndromes and diseases with nDST, the risk of possible complications, methods of correction should be шейки extremely relevant, taking into account the wide range of manifestations of undifferentiated forms of connective tissue dysplasia, the progressive nature of the course, multiple organ failure, adverse outcomes of this pathology.

    A known method for the diagnosis of connective tissue dysplasia by examining the outer region of the eye. If a short palpebral fissure is detected from 26 to 23 mm, connective tissue dysplasia is diagnosed RU 2 C1 D. Khubieva, M. Cherednichenko, A. Yagoda, N. There is a method for detecting connective tissue dysplasia in children RU 2,, C1, V. Arsentyev, N. In pediatrics and rheumatology of childhood, phenotypic signs are determined by detecting the connective tissue dysplasia index IDST according to the formula.

    When the value of IDST determine increased dysplastic stigmatization. Diagnostic points are determined by the degree of severity матки 0 to 3 for each symptom. Неделе method allows to increase the accuracy of the screening diagnosis of DST in children, taking into account the severity of phenotypic signs. The disadvantage of this method is that матки diagnosis of DST can only be in pediatrics and rheumatology of childhood.

    There is шейки method for preliminary diagnosis of DST syndrome by a comprehensive assessment of morphotypic characters associated with connective tissue dysplasia RU C1, I. Gayvoronsky, E. Ailamazyan, S.

    Barabanov, M. Smirnova, G. Ziyatdinova, Шейки. Niauri, A comprehensive assessment of morphotypic characters associated норма connective tissue dysplasia is carried out by identifying and quantifying the totality of such traits. For evaluation, only signs that can be measured objectively and characterized by quantitative indicators are selected. As an assessment of the severity of each sign, the value of the relative deviation corresponding to the quantitative indicator of the subject from the average norm of this indicator, expressed in values неделе the standard deviation, is taken.

    The obtained estimates are беременности to calculate the integral dysplasticity index IPD шейки to the formula:. When the IPD value is less than 1.

    The disadvantage of this method is that individual signs of non-laxity are specific for nDCT and need a clinical assessment, a more precise differential diagnostic search. The disadvantages of the method include the duration беременности complexity of mathematical calculations.

    Ilyina et al. The disadvantages of the method are the possibility of its use only in gynecological practice in women with genital prolapse, as well as the significant cost of research. The неделе result of the patented method is to expand the arsenal of неделе tools and simplify the determination матки undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia in pregnant women in the periods of weeks of gestation. The novelty of the proposed method lies in шейки fact that for the first time it is proposed to diagnose nDST according to the level матки the N-terminal propeptide of type III procollagen PIIINP in the peripheral venous blood of pregnant women at weeks of gestation.

    The significant content of these шейки of collagen is explained by the fact that they are the main structural components of organs and tissues that experience constant or periodic mechanical stress bones, tendons, cartilage, intervertebral discs, blood vessels матки, and also participate in the formation of the stroma of parenchymal organs. In women admitted to the obstetric clinic, at weeks of gestation, fasting take peripheral venous blood in an amount of 0. The study is 0. USA within 4 hours.

    Distinctive features of the method are: determination of the level of the N-terminal propeptide of type III procollagen in pregnant women at a шейки of 22 to 36 weeks of gestation. Example 1. A woman L. Pregnancy is the real second. The first pregnancy ended in preterm birth at 35 weeks of gestation by a planned cesarean section due to prenatal amniotic fluid and high myopia with changes in the fundus.

    The severity of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia was characterized by the following syndromes норма diseases: vegetative-vascular dystonia of a hypotonic type, high myopia with changes in the fundus, scoliotic disease, oblique pelvis, malocclusion, varicose disease of the lower extremities, flatfoot, symptom of wrists Thumb, hypermobility of joints.

    Pregnancy ended in preterm birth at 32 weeks. Childbirth was complicated by the prenatal outflow of amniotic fluid. The woman was operated on in connection with the prenatal outflow of amniotic неделе 4 days 2 hoursa scar on the uterus, high myopia with changes in the fundus.

    A premature male child was born weighing grams, 45 cm tall. The treatment was carried out. A morphological study of the placenta confirmed nDST with the following parameters: a false umbilical cord node, cord vein wall edema, cord vein dilatation, dissociated villous chorion maturation; thrombosis of the marginal sinus; fibrin deposition in areas of villus epithelium necrosis with the formation of ischemic heart attacks; the formation of syncytial kidneys; subamnial edema of the parietal membrane with the adjacent zone of fibrinoid necrosis; fragmentation of stromal cell nuclei; focal proliferation of stromal cells неделе secondary hypovascularization and sclerosis of intermediate беременности terminal villi.

    Example 2. Woman K. A history of 1 timely delivery. The severity of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia was characterized by the following symptoms and diseases: biliary dyskinesia, gastroduodenitis, caries, scoliotic disease, symphysiopathy, матки symptom, varicose disease of беременности lower extremities, pronounced venous pattern of the chest, and pregnancy striae with striae.

    Pregnancy ended in preterm беременности at 36 weeks of gestation. Childbirth was quick and lasted 4 hours. A premature baby with a weight of grams and a height of 47 cm was born. Histological examination of the placenta was a combination of signs of nDST, namely: cord vein dilatation, immature intermediate and terminal villi, dissociated villi development, fibrinoid necrosis and focal lymphocytic infiltration of the base plate fibrin, moderate zones of necrosis of the villus epithelium with diffuse small focal petrification.

    Example 3. Woman D. Real pregnancy is the first. Phenotypic signs of nDST: nevi нормаstriae, varicose veins of the lower extremities, gallbladder inflection, additional septum in матки bladder, scoliotic норма, malocclusion, hypertensive vegetative-vascular шейки, protrusion of L5-S1 vertebral discs, early toxicosis, threatening spontaneous early miscarriage, threatening spontaneous late miscarriage, threatening spontaneous premature birth.

    Pregnancy ended in preterm birth at 35 weeks 2 days. Childbirth was complicated норма prenatal amniotic fluid, discoordination of labor, rupture of the cervix of the 1st degree. A premature baby with a weight of grams and a height of 44 cm was born. The morphological features of the placenta and umbilical cord were: норма false umbilical cord nodule, cord vein edema, cord vein dilatation, fibrinoid necrosis and focal lymphocytic infiltration беременности the basal lamina, proliferative wiltromitis, proliferative wiltromitis, syncytial kidneys.

    All of the above are signs of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia. Беременности 4. Woman S. Pregnancy норма real 2. A history of 1 preterm birth at 33 weeks of gestation. Phenotypic signs of nDST: myopia, неделе dystonia of the hypotonic беременности, hypermobility of joints, striae of skin, caries in history. Pregnancy ended in preterm birth at 36 weeks 3 days.

    Childbirth was complicated by a long anhydrous interval 12 h 50 minwere fast 5 h 25 min. A preterm baby was born weighing grams, 47 cm tall. Histological examination of the placenta did not confirm NDCT, having the following indicators: an additional umbilical artery, placental hypoplasia of the 2nd degree, small матки basal беременности, focal fibrinoid necrosis and thinning of the basal plate, stromal edema and vascular dilatation, trunk dilation forming pseudo-infarcts with petrification of zones of necrosis of the epithelium of the intermediate villi.

    The indicated evidence of chronic subcompensated placental insufficiency. The example demonstrates the need to verify these clinical signs, since the PIIINP score and histological examination of the placenta do not норма the presence of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia. Example 5. Woman X. In the history of 1 artifact abortion. Somatic diseases: chronic bronchitis, 1 degree obesity.

    Phenotypic signs of nDCT were not found. Pregnancy ended in preterm birth in a period of 26 weeks. Childbirth was complicated шейки a long anhydrous period 17 days 8 hours 25 minuteswere fast 4 hours 40 minutesand a cervical rupture of the 1st degree occurred.

    A premature baby with a weight of матки and a height of 32 cm was born. A histological examination of the placenta did not confirm undifferentiated dysplasia of the connective tissue, having the following parameters: viral-bacterial basal deciduitis, exudative widespread parietal decidiochorioamnionitis, placental chorionitis, subchorial neurosorbitis, deposition, and necrosis.

    The indicated evidence of chronic subcompensated placental insufficiency and the risk of ante-intranatal infection. The specified method examined 44 pregnant women.