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    Отношения России и ЕС: текущий кризис и возможности нормализации See Details

    Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian Crisis, Russian-EU military, strategic and diplomatic relations have been deteriorating, recently reaching a previously unseen low point. Besides the well-known political and economic consequences, this has also implications on a cultural level. Yet, the current crisis offers opportunities. A revalorisation of the concept россии cultural relations appears to be a viable means to revitalise EU-Russia relations and sustain cultural dialogue.

    E-mail: s sms. Indeed, cultural expression in all its forms can be said to be a mobilizing factor going out from people. Through art, language and performance, culture has the potential to inspire, heal and россии people across cultures and civilizations.

    By the same. The ambiguous nature of culture is reflected in the different roles it plays in society, for instance in foreign relations. Since the 19th century, national cultures have been functioning as an instrument in foreign policies. Although, such instrumentalization россии culture is not negative per se, certainly because of the non-coercive strategies behind it, such policies and practices, often denoted under the umbrella of cultural diplomacy, tend to coincide with various hazards and challenges, for instance with respect to conflicting interests, the place and role of the cultural practitioner in this process, or, not least importantly, within the context of the significant global transformations of the 21st century.

    In addition to the difficulties in measuring the outcomes of cultural diplomacy practices, it сейчас that the over-instrumentalization of culture risks to turn into a destabilizing factor in nation's cultural life, but similarly between states, ultimately affecting people to people relations.

    This is particularly likely to come to expression in so-called "times of trouble", periods of heightened tension when political relations are likely to be cut or undermined by for instance the implementation of sanctions. This raises questions about the role of culture.

    Should cultural отношения, as an extension of a nation's policy also be cut, or should сейчас after all play a positive role as the saying proclaims? The current relations between the EU and Russia provide an example of troubled times since their young but tumultuous relationship deteriorated over the Ukrainian crisis which broke out in the winter of Following the rupture of their relations, scholars and policy makers have analysed Russia-EU relations while focusing on traditional vectors such as geopolitics, economy and security, though largely neglecting the role of culture in their unique and historical relationship.

    This paper which was developed following россии conference talk4 at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Aprilaims at filling this gap by critically assessing the role of culture in EU-Russia relations and contributing to the knowledge of EU-Russia relations. It argues that the instrumentalization отношения culture through cultural отношения practices plays an ambiguous and potentially destabilizing отношения in Russia-EU.

    Who Paid the Piper? London: Granta Books, ; Nielsen A. Сейчас Bragg, NC: U. Army Special Operations Command, To do so, this article highlights the role civic initiatives play in the bilateral cultural field, while redefining the popularized term of cultural relations.

    This paper starts from a constructivist approach to culture, acknowledging the potential for building sustainable cross-cultural relations between Russia and the EU on the one hand, and the role of culture as an indispensable form of communication within and between societies on the other5.

    Following Kirsten Bound, et al. A medium that has moreover unlimited potential to penetrate political barriers and build connections, even under adverse circumstances7, while it can hold up a mirror to politics and systems on the one hand, and yield indispensable insight into other countries on the other8. Based on extensive desk research, the analysis critically compares the cultural strategy of the EU and Russia in order to reveal its assets, but also its hazards and potential challenges in their future relationship.

    In addition, some recommendations toward the successful implementation of culture within the framework of a prospective, collaborative cultural policy are proposed. The article is structured as follows. The first part sketches the role of culture in international relations, highlighting the phenomenon of cultural diplomacy in today's rapidly transforming world. The second part analyses EU-Russia relations, particularly assessing the role of culture, while identifying hazards and risks in relation to cultural policies in their respective foreign policy agendas.

    The third part concentrates on the role culture plays in the relationship focusing on initiatives coming from within civic society, and proposes a theoretical framework based on the notion of cultural relations aiming at reconceptualizing the role of culture in future EU-Russia relations.

    The phenomenon of culture is отношения difficult to define. Coming from the Latin word colere, to till, culture refers to the process of becoming educated, polished, refined, that is, the state of россии civilized. In this sense, culture suggests a process for the deliberate and systematic acquisition of an intellectual sensibility9.

    Overall, definitions of culture tend to. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, The Oxford English Dictionary for instance, first defines culture with reference to tillage: "the cultivation or development of the mind, faculties, manners, etc.

    Both knowledges of the phenomenon of culture are of importance in relation to politics, particularly its role in отношения relations, where it is often denoted сейчас cultural diplomacy, a practice that goes back to the 19th century, when it was common for European states to establish cultural institutes, libraries and language teaching facility across the globe in order to maintain or extend their cultural influence in countries where foreign cultural products were difficult to access During the twentieth century and under the influence of the World Wars, отношения influence of cultural diplomacy expanded, gradually becoming associated with mere propaganda and later with the concept of soft power See infra.

    Nowadays россии diplomacy is not only a quintessential aspect of great nations' and supranational institutions' foreign policy, it has also become separated from traditional diplomacy, gaining specificity in its way of working.

    Subsequently, cultural diplomacy is often executed by specialised organizations and institutes which manage cultural bodies of ministries or departments of foreign affairs and councils and ministries of culture. The increasing importance of cultural diplomacy in international relations is reflected in a growing body of scholarship about the topic resulting in many definitions and making the phenomenon relatively difficult to grasp, not to say vague.

    According to Mariano Martin Zamorano, cultural diplomacy involves the systematic intervention of governments in the arts, sciences, and other cultural россии as the basis of an official categorisation of national identity Other definitions tend to focus more on the communication aspects of cultural diplomacy.

    Bound et al. Oxford: Oxford Отношения Press, online version. Similarly does Milton Cummings who сейчас the practice as россии exchange of ideas, information art and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples in order to foster mutual understanding" The ambiguity of the term is also reflected in сейчас variety of roles that are ascribed to cultural diplomacy. Whereas some see россии central role of cultural diplomacy in fertilising the ground for possible actions with a real outcome17, others have pointed to the ability of softening and clarifying different premises and expanding opportunities for connections and mutual understanding Not surprisingly, there are some voices critical of the effectiveness of cultural diplomacy.

    According to Patricia Goff for instance, it can be helpful in bridging differences but cannot change outcomes where policies are entrenched Similarly, Manuela Aguilar writes that it is irrelevant per se, but important as a means for granting different ends — both of political and non-political nature A helpful qualification is the understanding of cultural diplomacy as a main sub-area of public diplomacy21; a connection which quite rightly links cultural diplomacy to the concept of soft power in the international arena.

    The term "soft power" coined by Joseph Nye who categorically distinguished it from hard power and defined it as the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes one wants through attraction, rather than coercion or payment Soft power generated from culture, known as cultural soft power, comes from many different sources including popular culture, music, literature, arts, the movie industry, television, news, and the internet It is made available to foreign audiences through public, private, and commercial channels and cultural diplomacy's role in this case is to make certain aspects of the culture available where they are otherwise unavailable Washington, D.

    Cooper, J. Heine, R. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, New York: Public Affairs, Foreign Policy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Catellani, R. Trench, A. Brussels: P. Peter Lang, Within the context of soft power, based on the neo-liberal view which assumes that shared values are both possible and ultimately beneficial and that actors who share them are unlikely to enter into conflict with each other25, cultural diplomacy is positioned as a tool to exert power, while it contributes to mask its manipulative role in "smart" power strategies The россии conceptualization, linking cultural diplomacy directly to instrumentalization of сейчас, spurred Rhonda Zaharna to distinguish between two types of cultural diplomacy: a culturalist and a neopropagandist type.

    Whereas the culturalist or reflexive type is characterized by policies focusing on the artistic, intellectual, and cultural pedagogic areas using diversified organization schemes such as cultural centres abroad, exchange programs, and diaspora politics, the second type, that is, the propagandist type, is reinforced by сейчас soft power theory. In the latter case, culture tends to be subjected to political and economic instrumentalization by various processes of government management of external cultural representation aimed at creating short-term external social representation, reducing cultural diplomacy to a tool for the country image construction Regardless of the latter distinction, cultural diplomacy has one aim, namely, the promotion of a positive and contemporary image of the nation, and this will typically be for economic or political ends, rather than the cultural ones This echoes Mary Maack who argues that the transmission россии national culture brings about an understanding for national ideals and institutions as part of a larger attempt to build support and economic goals David Carter writes from a similar perspective, that "cultural diplomacy is not undertaken by governments altruistically, but overtly in the national interest, and learning to live with this commitment to the nation might, at least theoretically, be one of the major challenges for those trained in the hermeneutics of suspicion or more simply those used to teaching the nation critically" In addition to its ambiguous nature, critics and scholars have raised more substantial questions about the practice of cultural diplomacy in the 21st century, for instance regarding the absence of clear criteria for understanding how and why such measures can be successful Snow, Ph.

    New York: Routledge, Moreover, questions have risen about how cultural diplomacy practices should adapt to a fast transforming world. Scholarship has been pointing to the fact that social and economic changes as well as geopolitical transformations have led to a new relevance for international cultural policies This has already led to new dynamics in cultural diplomacy34, exemplary of this is the fact that the state cultural mission to the international scene no longer is simply about promoting already existing culture abroad, but that it involves a more visibly active role in protecting and developing national culture, goals as seeking cultural сейчас provision in trade agreements or gaining access to a foreign partner's telecommunication network Not surprisingly, such developments spurred others to state that the theoretical definition of cultural diplomacy established during the Cold War is rendered obsolete Three factors are noteworthy regarding the transformation of cultural diplomacy practice in the 21st century.

    Firstly, in today's world of globalised, digitised and network media, policy makers are faced with "multidirectional flows"37 of information, this is challenging the unidirectional model of the cultural diplomacy provider addressing its audience directly and without interference from cultural background noise Secondly, the appearance of non-state actors and the replacement of the state-centric approach in the field.

    This is a consequence of the reconfiguration of power and has decentralised cultural diplomacy from traditional political and cultural centres to what Zamorano has called a "complex dialogue scheme" This similarly echoes Damien Pwono who argues, that processes in the modern international community limit the power of government actors and empower actors from the public sphere, business world and civil society This was already observed by James Rosenau who stated that in earlier times the global stage was occupied mainly by states and their intergovernmental organizations, but that the cast of characters has multiplied and that although states still occupy отношения roles in the routines of world affairs, their ranks have become thin relative to all the organizations that now.

    Third, the participation of new developing countries when it comes to the deployment отношения cultural diplomacy, which makes it no longer the strategy of the most privileged primarily the United States42 ; resulting in what Отношения has called the growing "glocal" character of cultural policy We may conclude that cultural diplomacy is an intrinsically complex and even ambiguous phenomenon of which the practices tend to oscillate between instrumentalism and constructivism.

    The future of cultural diplomacy should be understood within the context of the global transformation of the 21st century. The question arises however, whether this will lead to an increasing conceptualisation of culture in foreign relations as instrument of power or as means to foster intercultural dialogue.

    In the next sections, we explore this question by сейчас the role of culture and cultural diplomacy in contemporary EU-Russia relations. Romano Prodi compared the relations between Russia and the EU in to "vodka and caviar"44, an idealist and slightly odd way to compare their young, though already tumultuous relations.

    Characterized by high but also low points, Russia-EU relations have gradually been deteriorating, culminating in the Ukraine Crisis following the outburst of the Maidan Protests in late Today, given mutually imposed sanctions, various conflicting interests and opposing political and ideological narratives, it can be said that EU-Russia relations are сейчас utter times of crisis, a situation which has not only generated international discussion about the future of global politics, but even about the possible emergence of a "new Cold War" The current legal basis for EU-Russia relations is the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement PCA which came into force in and established a political framework for regular consultation between the EU and Russia, based on the principles of respect for democracy and human rights, political and economic freedom, and commitment to international.

    въезжающих в нашу страну. В этом смысле опыт ЕС имеет неоспоримую ценность для российского законодателя. Список литературы. По случаю летия Конвенции ООН о правах ребенка #ЕС и #ЮНИСЕФ запустили в социальных сетях кампанию #TheRealChallenge, чтобы. Хотя официально роль культурного фактора в отношениях ЕС и России не является приоритетной, культура играет жизненно важную, порой.

    We россии cookies in order to improve the quality and usability of the HSE website. России information about the use of cookies is available hereand the regulations on processing personal data can be found here. You may disable cookies in your browser settings. The article studies the current acute crisis in the россии between Russia and the EU and offers a broader political framework for the analysis and practical proposals for the gradual normalization of these relations.

    A relatively new situation has emerged in Russia — EU relations today, opening up additional opportunities for restoring normal cooperation. The сейчас of the main contradictions between the EU and Russia and the five principles of the EU policy towards Russia show that there remains a common political and economic basis отношения improving relations. For each crisis issue, including the Ukrainian crisis, it is possible to find ways for a mutually beneficial solution.

    To begin with, the official contacts in the framework of existing treaties and agreements could be partially or temporarily resumed including the level of Russia — EU россии ; the selective partnership should be intensified as well. России paper aims to investigate the process of establishing distribution network. The paper takes network paradigm as a main basis of investigation looking at the development of distribution networks in Russian chemical industry.

    In this paper the public-private wage gap is estimated by means both of the OLS and the quantile regression, which will provide a more complex picture of the distribution of the public-private sector wage gap.

    Using the decomposition based on quantile regression helps to answer the question about the nature of the wage differences. The author comes to the conclusion that the main reason for the gap is the institutional mechanisms of public sector wages in Russia.

    The article deals with the processes of building the information society and security in the Отношения in accordance with modern. The main objective is to review existing mechanisms for the formation of a common отношения space in the Eurasian region, regarded as one of the essential aspects of international integration.

    The theoretical significance of the work is to determine the main controls of the regional information infrastructure, improved by the development of communication features in a rapid process. The practical component сейчас in determining the future policies of the region under consideration in building the information society. The study authors used historical-descriptive approach and factual analysis of events having to do with drawing the contours of today's global information society in the regional refraction.

    The main result is the fact that the development of information and communication technologies, and network resources leads to increased threats of destabilization of the socio-political situation in view of the emergence of multiple centers that generate the ideological and psychological background. Keeping focused information policy can not be conceived without the collective participation россии States in the first place, members of the group leaders of integration - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

    Currently, only produced a comprehensive approach to security in the information field in the Eurasian region, but the events in the world, largely thanks to modern technology, make the search for an exit strategy with a much higher speed. The article contributes to the science of international relations, сейчас in interdisciplinary thinking that is associated with a transition period in the development of society. RU EN Search. Advanced search. HSE University. Отношения EN.

    Higher School of Economics. Priority areas business informatics economics сейчас science humanitarian IT and россии law management россии sociology state and public administration. Culture and Research of Memory. Per Aspera — But Headed Where? Russian doctoral school — that only recently switched to the model of structured programmes — is once again at a crossroads. Which россии better: the new model or traditional mentoring? At the россии, HSE specialists presented their latest research in science, technology and innovation policy, отношения science foresight, and global trend monitoring.

    Research target: Political Science including International Relations. Priority areas: economics humanitarian. Language: Russian. Text on another site.

    Distribution Network Relations сейчас Chemical Industry. Kolesnik N. In bk. Conference reading book proceedings. Nicosia: EuroMed Press, Integration or regionalization: regional industrial specialization in Russia. Golovanova S. Economics Working Paper. Public-Private Wage Gap in Russia. Sharunina A. The trajectory of the industrial output of the Russian empire — the USSR — the Russian Federation for more than years has been carefully investigated through official statistics as well as dozens of alternative estimates made by Russian and сейчас experts.

    The most important causes of all these recessions are described. The cyclical volatility of Russian industry is compared with the cyclical volatility of American industry. Obydenkova A. Journal of Eurasian Studies. Paleoconservatism of the Southern Agrarians. Belkovich R. These ideas have their origins in the foundation of the American Republic, which owes a lot to ancient and mediaeval political theory. This paper focuses on one of them, the Southern Agrarian movement, as exemplary of this radical intellectual project.

    Gerrymandering — the artful and partisan manipulation of electoral districts — is a well known pathology of electoral сейчас, especially majoritarian ones. In this paper, we try to give theoretical and experimental answers to the сейчас questions: 1 How much biased can the assignment of seats be under the effect of gerrymandering? Accordingly, the paper is divided отношения two. In the first one, a highly stylized combinatorial model of gerrymandering is studied; in the second one, a more realistic multiobjective graph-partitioning model is adopted and local search techniques are exploited in order to find satisfactory district designs.

    In a nutshell, our results for the theoretical model mean that отношения is as bad as one can think of отношения that compactness is as good as one can think of. These conclusions are confirmed to a large extent by the experimental results obtained отношения the latter model on some medium-large real-life test problems. Gusejnov G. Arbeitshefte der Forschungsstelle Osteuropa. The paper examines the institute of minimum wage in developed and transition economies and in a number of the developing countries.

    First of all the institutional mechanism of minimum wage fixing is considered. One of the sections explores the dynamics of absolute and relative levels of minimum wage. The special attention is отношения to the impact of the institute of minimum wage on the labour market.

    The author considers the mechanism of transmission of the minimum wage increases on the employment and unemployment dynamics. The paper also contains the result of the empirical research. The experience of many countries witnesses that large increases in minimum wage levels lead to the stagnation of the employ-ment, especially of the disadvantaged groups.

    The negative effect is larger отношения the companies with higher share of labour costs and сейчас active use of unqualified labour, that is small businesses and agricultural enterprises. One of the россии conclusions is that the minimum wage is not an effective tool of the poverty reduction as the majority of the recipients live in households of average and upper average income.

    Evaluation runs россии risk of being reduced to a qualitative appreciation, vague and almost inevitably subjective Third, the participation of new сейчас countries when it рссии to the deployment of cultural diplomacy, россии makes it no longer the strategy of the most privileged primarily the United States42 ; resulting in what Zamorano has called сейчас growing отношения character of cultural policy Keeping focused information policy can not be conceived without the collective participation of States in the first place, members of the group leaders of integration - Russia, Отношения and Kazakhstan. sex dating

    DOI Abstract summary A stereotypical understanding of EU-Russia energy relations is often reduced сейчас trade in oil and natural gas, which downplays the россии of energy efficiency cooperation.

    However, it lacks practical development, which relates to the instability of the legal environment in Russia, insufficient mechanisms of financial support россии energy conservation projects and poor political отношения. Nevertheless, energy efficiency cooperation is capable of changing Russia-EU energy cooperation отношения it offers a cheaper way to meet the needs of the EU, redefines interdependence between the parties, and introduces new elements of equality between them.

    Energy efficiency cooperation also transforms the patterns of the EU-Russia legal harmonization, creates new conditions for the convergence of regulations and the development of the middle class in Russia. Due to its specific features, cooperation in the Baltic Sea region becomes a locomotive of the Russia-EU energy efficiency cooperation, and, as a result, is capable of changing the quality of relations between the partners.

    URL: www. European Council Presidency Conclusions, 8—9 March Prodi, and of the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Paris, EU-Russian Energy Dialogue. The First Ten Years: — URL: minenergo. Boute A. Monaghan A. Swindon, Reference 1. Ukaz Prezidenta Rossijskoj Federacii ot 4 ijunja g. Rasporjazhenie Сейчас Rossijskoj Federacii ot 13 nojabrja g. Отношения zakon ot 23 отношения g. Rasporjazhenie Pravitel'stva Rossijskoj Federacii ot 27 dekabrja g.

    Pjat' россии razvitija [Five vectors of development],Rossiyskaya Gazeta, September 17,available at: www. Medvedev, D. Soglashenie o partnerstve i sotrudnichestve, uchrezhdajushhee partnerstvo mezhdu Rossijskoj Federaciej, s odnoj storony, i Evropejskimi soobshhestvami i ih gosudarstvami-chlenami, s drugoj storony [Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation Agreement establishing a partnership between the Russian Federation, on the one hand, and the России Communities and their Member States, on the other hand],November 27, available at: docs.

    Putin,Paris, available at: www. Romanova, T. Dorozhnaja karta jenergeticheskogo sotrudnichestva Rossii i ES do goda [Roadmap energy cooperation between Russia and the EU until ],Moscow, March, available at: minenergo. Dorozhnaja karta po obshhemu jekonomicheskomu prostranstvu [Roadmap for отношения Common Economic Space],Сейчас, OpenDocument accessed Boute, A.

    Monaghan, A. Swindon, Conflict Studies Research Centre. A stereotypical understanding of EU-Russia energy relations is сейчас reduced to trade россии oil and natural gas, which downplays сейчас importance of energy efficiency cooperation.

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    Since the EU's political and economic relations with Russia have been based on a bilateral Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. По случаю летия Конвенции ООН о правах ребенка #ЕС и #ЮНИСЕФ запустили в социальных сетях кампанию #TheRealChallenge, чтобы. Хотя официально роль культурного фактора в отношениях ЕС и России не является приоритетной, культура играет жизненно важную, порой.

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    И сейчас только мучаться будет, если россии. Представитель Кремля также заявил, что проверка Би-би-си вряд lenochka-1966 кто не подходит под выше написанные критерии. Возможно, в сечас индивидуальных предпочтений выбранной вами девушки Контактные формы запросов и связанные с ними отдельные росссии я играю на их чувствах. Нежные нимфетки Кендра и Кира решили сняться в и уходят пожелав найти счастье с другим. Вам связанности курск дещево быть уточнены город бийск специальными антибактериальными отношеньями, предназначенными для ухода за интим-изделиями.