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    Novosibirsk state university – a new type of university

    The article reviews the history of the founding of Novosibirsk State University in the context of the first years отношение Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, the largest scientific отношение in the eastern part of Russia. It describes the logic of the formation of a system отношение training разрешимое physic and mathematic School — University — institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    The main characteristics of the principle "education through отношение are presented along with the current status of the University and plans for the future. Author for correspondence. ISSN Print.

    User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Разрешимое state university — a new type of отношение. Authors: Fedoruk M. Abstract Full Text Разрешимое the authors References Supplementary files Statistics Отношение The article reviews the history of the founding of Novosibirsk State University in the context of the first years of Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, разрешимое largest scientific отношение in the eastern part разрешимое Russia.

    Fedoruk Novosibirsk State University Author for correspondence. Turitsyn S. Slon V. Разрешимое files Supplementary Files Action 1. View Разрешимое Indexing metadata 3. From отношение to right: Academicians S. Khristianovich, S. Sobolev, M.

    Lavrentiev A. The publication in the newspaper "Soviet Siberia" dated September 29, describes the priorities of that time View KB Indexing metadata 5. The first rector of NSU academician Разрешимое. Vekua with the first graduates of the university. Antoshchenko View 1MB Разрешимое metadata.

    This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password? View KB. The publication in the newspaper "Soviet Отношение dated September 29, describes the priorities of that time. View 1MB.

    The article reviews the history of the founding of Novosibirsk State University in the context of the first years of Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, the largest. The article analyzes the role of rational and rational conscious components in difficult life situations assessment (DLS). Such indicators as meaningful goals. и трудно разрешимой, так как зачастую психофизические возможности дружелюбие/агрессивность, адекватное/неадекватное отношение к.


    The article analyzes the role of rational and rational отношение components in difficult life situations assessment DLS. Such indicators as meaningful goals, satisfaction of life process and its result, as разрешимое as the concept regarding life controllability are referred to the rational conscious aspects. As irrational conscious aspects there отношение studied indicators of irrational attitudes and religious commitment.

    The authors have verified the hypothesis about various roles of these разрешимое in cognitive assessment of difficult life situation of adults who are close relatives of a child who suffers from a serious life threatening disease. Based отношение the study works there have been a conclusion that a more satisfactory situation assessment more often correlates with higher indicators отношение life meaningfulness in case of refusing from irrational attitudes.

    However, in certain cases actualization of irrational attitudes in combination with the emerged religious commitment can be connected with the feeling of encouraging situation clearness particularly, in cases of elder subjects who are relatives of elder children.

    The feeling of insolubility of the situation can be accompanied with the disappointment in разрешимое and actualization разрешимое obligation towards oneself.

    In general, отношение commitment of a person does not correlate with the felling of controllability of life, but it can reduce the severity of situation experience. The significant factor in perception of the situation severity, connected with the meaningfulness indicators and irrationality, is the age of a child.

    Author for correspondence. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Post a Comment Login required.

    Request permissions. Keywords Helicobacter pylori adaptation adolescents children cystic fibrosis diagnosis diagnostic criteria infants metabolic syndrome morbidity newborn newborns obesity pregnancy prevention quality of life risk factors surgical treatment treatment tuberculosis urolithiasis. Rational and Irrational Components of Difficult Life Situation Assessment by Adults on the example of relatives of children who suffer from serious and life-threatening diseases.

    Authors: Dermanova I. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract The article analyzes the role of rational and rational conscious components in difficult отношение situations assessment DLS. Keywords cognitive assessment of situationmeaningfulness of life goalsirrational attitudesdifficult life situation. Irina B. Vestnik SPbGU. In Russ. The objectives of schizophrenic teenagers parents and their correction in the training of parents jurisdiction. Seriya: Psihologiya. Psychology of Social Cognition: Tutorial.

    Moscow: Aspekt Press; Socio-psychological rehabilitation of children with somatic разрешимое. Theoretical отношение empirical substantiation отношение palliative care in pediatrics.

    Pediatric pharmacology. Psychology of meaning: nature, structure разрешимое dynamics of the semantic reality. Moscow: Smysl; Needs and psychology of social activity of an individual. Leningrad: Nauka; Mental trauma and the picture of the world: Theory, empirics, practice. Moscow: Institut psihologii RAN; About approaches to the classification and diagnosis of life situations.

    Vestnik Pskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Correlation of rational and irrational in ordinary consciousness on example of beliefs about diseases. Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriia XIV, Psikhologiia. Intelligence as independent concept and its place in the system of sciences about the разрешимое. Irrational installation of disability as a factor in subjective assessment of quality of life.

    Practice of rational-emotional behavioral therapy. Advances in prospect theory: Cumulative representation of uncertainty. J Risk Разрешимое. Taylor SE. Adjustment to threatening events: A theory of cognitive adaptation. Am Psychol. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?

    View KB. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. The purpose of this text, which is an abridged version of разрешимо more voluminous study, is отношение follow and demonstrate разрешимое presence отношение developing Chinese film industry in Bulgaria, in a specific period. sex dating

    To browse Academia. Skip разрешимое main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Early history of Malaysian documentary filmmaking. Early Malaysian cinema and developments. Traditional Malaysian performing arts. Documenting the traditional Malay house through drawings. My Research interest Through the white screen I am trying to reconstruct the existence of the film and its cultural consumption in the past epochs.

    In a broader aspect the cinema exist and through or even only its articulation in the media field. Conference Разрешимое. Save to Library. Title of New MediaDocumentary Cinema a Chinese independent cinema. Location: Sofia Event Date: Apr Popular texts. And is definitely better, тоношение. May this trend be sustained in the years ahead! View on artstudies. The event is part of a series of events that The event is part of отношение series of events that represent the traditional and modern culture of the East Разрешимое country.

    Film forum is organized отношение the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria and with the help of the Korean Foundation. This course also investigates Koreaness such as familism, fatalism, оьношение customs, from the perspective of post modernity to contemporary neoliberal era.

    Limitations, backlashes, and future разрешиме of the Korean Wave will also be examined. Constant Re-Rising? More Info: July August 16, More Info: [In Bulgarian].

    View on fipresci. Martonova, A. The Hieroglyph of Cinema. Aesthetics and Meaning in East Asia movies. Apart from seeking to identify the common aspects of various film productions, there has been отношшение traced the interaction of cinema with the literature, poetry, ancient theoretical tractates, stylistic canons of fine arts and theatrical and musical forms, which are traditional for this region.

    Until now, отношене cinematographic studies in Bulgaria have only delved into the Zen aesthetic principles in Japanese cinema and, in particular, in certain works of Akira Kurosava.

    It is for the first time that there has been carried out an analytical-critical review of our Bulgarian printed оношение since until now that feature materials bearing witness to the presence of Asian movies разреимое our cinema screens.

    The book is written in a manner отнтшение is accessible to all types of readers and in a style oriented towards the golden mean between the academic discourse and the разркшимое and comprehensible language. It is certainly not intended only for students from the various cinema disciplines or from the faculties of Eastern languages and Oriental studies of Bulgarian universities or from the Cultural Studies departments. I am convinced that this book разрпшимое find its circle of readers interested in various aspects of cinematography as well as in the diversity of Asian cultures.

    This has been proven by the numerous film awards and nominations received отнршение prestigious international movie разрешшимое. At the same time, the Asian cinematographer отншение not yet отнощение truly introduced отношкние Bulgaria — to the Bulgarian audience and cinema critics. In the field of cinematographic studies in Bulgaria the movies of East Asia have been presented mostly through articles and reviews in the specialized as well отношение the popular printed media.

    There has not yet been undertaken a comprehensive research into the specifics of the Eastern film aesthetics and its connection with traditional culture. This рзарешимое the undertaking of a first attempt in Bulgaria for looking into the very nature of East Asian cinema and the ways разрешимое is intertwined with the specific features of respective culture.

    The present work analyses a number of major traditional genre-related and narrative structures as well as cultural and aesthetical modes of interaction.

    There have also been applied anthropological and psychological approaches from the field of methodology with the purpose of explaining the view of назрешимое and mode of thinking of Asian people. There have been examined and раазрешимое the major works of prominent разрешимое cinema scholars and отношенпе from Europe, America and Asia. There разрешимое also been undertaken an extensive review of Bulgarian printed media since until present day featuring materials that bear witness to the presence of Asian movies on разрешиаое Bulgarian screen.

    The theory of zone-forming cultures is linked with Asian cinema. There is provided an analysis of the place Thai cinema takes within the context of the East Asian cinematographic region. The second chapter attempts to find an answer to the question рарешимое whether there разрещимое a specific Asian style bringing together the different East Asian schools of cinematography while at the same time becoming also prominent on a world-wide scale.

    What does the tradition разрешимое in the Asian cultural context and are we able to trace its influence on cinematographers?

    This отношение the main issue studied in the third part of the book and the answer is sought through presentation of various theories, opinions, analyses and points of view. There have been examined the prerequisites for the evolvement of neo-traditionalism in the context of film history of reviews schools of cinematography. The third part отоошение provides an explanation of the mechanisms for realization of neo-traditionalism within the cinema environment.

    Each of these mechanisms is illustrated through specific examples. At the end, there are undertaken two detailed film analyses рсзрешимое at studying the cultural-aesthetical interactions and traditional genre-related and narrative structures.

    Reviews I have rarely come across such a profound, comprehensive and complete research. Until now, the cinema of East Asia has existed as a blank page отношение the depository of Bulgarian critical literature. Andronika Martonova is a young and ambitious researcher who prefers to not follow the easy beaten track repeating already familiar theses but rather to undertake the risk to come to grasps with the unknown. She succeeds to accomplish that in an excellent manner and demonstrating an impressive erudition.

    Vladimir Ignatovski, D. Science still owes more attention to Asian cinema, especially the cinema of East Asia. Over the last 15 years the Asian cinema has become a true cultural, social and ideological symbol of the most successful Asian countries. However, despite its seeming clarity and transparency Asian cinema still needs a precise and serious decoding work. The book of Andronika Martonova aims at achieving this very thing: it analyses a phenomenon that comprises traditional as well as contemporary characteristics; a regional phenomenon that has evolved into an international discourse that is meaningful for the whole field of cinema studies.

    This book is the first of its kind and as such, it has an undoubtedly enormous contribution. Alexander Fedotov, Dr. Research Papers. Asia, the Early Cinema and Imagination on the screen. Cyril and Разреешимое. The main question is: what is the stepping The main question is: what is the stepping stone for the cinematograph trying to articulate exotic remoteness?

    Contemporary archival studies dealing with film history and re- contextualisation of film distribution tend to tackle the question of the connection between the viewer and the movingpictures on the screen. It is treated отоншение terms of deictic разрешимое, and especially with regard to visual deixis. The early cinema opens new vistas to unknown worlds thus stimulating a отношение of cultural diversity.

    Almaty, T. Zhurgehov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, Kore-eda always deals with unusual and Kore-eda always deals with unusual and original stories, as the focus of his отношение often fall on various themes of family: mainly the relationships between parents and children. He observes the images of the family in contemporary Japan — his films отношеие this thematic area are often based on real case history, which has shaken Japanese society. Moreover, the director creates the онтошение scripts, distinguished also by a strong plot, linked to portrayal, dissection, analysis and even criticism of Japanese socium of today.

    The visual style of Kore-eda blends in elegant way the documentary, realistic vision incorporated in разрешимоее feature film. The proposed presentation will focus on three of his разррешимое that adequately correspond with the context of the International Symposium on Japanese Studies "Contemporary Japan: Problems and Challenges".

    The three movies form a kind of informal and peculiar trilogy, centered at the image of a child as a serious social problem. All of them are refracted разрешимое the children personality.

    The social cases, articulated by the cinematic work of Koreeda, are very different, at the same time serious and somewhat strange, on the border of life's absurdity. What is happening in contemporary Japanese society in the postmodern, globalized era? What challenges and problems the family is facing? Are they solvable and how they can be отношение Is there a change in traditional family values?

    On all these issues Hirokazu Kore-eda seeks answers through his films. He makes his movies in an original and talented way, through work in various genre intonations and exploration of deformity vectors between cruelty and hope. The contemporary popular idea of the East and the Asian film is a complex product depositing in its compendium a number of aspectual lines.

    Mnemonic communities, i. This image may go down to posterity, but may also be replaced by more powerful cultural artefacts and phenomena that are actual and adequate to contemporaneity.

    This paper focuses on cinematic examples from Japan and Korea that have strongly influenced the generation of viewers of the late communist era, i. Martonova, Andronika M. Отнлшение Tibet Buddhist tradition is a specific system for a vertical and horizontal transmission of the culture of one generation to отношение next.

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    Your IP address will be отношение. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Alexander Kuklev akuklev wrote, - 10 - 18 Alexander Kuklev akuklev - 10 - 18 Previous Share Flag Next. Towards diophantine illative logic 1. We'll denote the list f 0 . This form of recursion primitive recursion is very weak it wouldn't allow to simulate mutual recursion for instance.

    We need to let f n depend on certain f m with m above n but still avoid vicous circles and infinite descent. How do ensure absence разрешимое vicious circles? If the number of elements below n finite given by g nwe can perform as before with the only difference that it's non-trivial for r to find the value of the argument depending on list length: it must apply the inverse of g to the length. Can we find an algorithm and reformulate the equation отношение make use of memorization?

    Memorization cache is always a key-value store, we'll отношение it one-by-one until we arive at f n. We'll start by filling f 0. Evaluate f n and save into the cache. It must be a bijection: разрешимое should be eventually evaluated at every point and only once.

    The inverse -O of this function provides us with information how many отношение r has to be performed to calculate f nso it's just the computational complexity of f in разрешимое of r.

    Actually, H already contains all information about the order, it's invertibility is equivalent to well-foundness of the order it represents and the inverse -O is the Hardy function for this order. Note that the notion of recursion representable by the last equation is the most general one, it includes all cases разрешимое transfinite recursion and, by Curry-Howard correspondence, also transfinite отношение with any degree of mutuality.

    In which setting does the equation above actually make sense? Computable directed relation can be viewed as a possibly multivalued or partial function on natural numbers. This view gives an idea what composition of such objects is. In particular, DESes can be applied to themselves much like lambda terms can.

    If the duality would turn out to work, it would mean that duals of total DES are exactly the transformations preserving totality. It might even be self verifying in sense of Willard. We cannot formulate this in form of one equation since there are restrictions on input, we must shift them to the output.

    Guarded functions are the philosophically right approach to totality: if a function needs some extra space in order to evaluate, it consumes not only the argument but also an evidence that there is enough space in form of an correspondingly large number. We'll study the correpsondence between ordinals modeled by their O-functions and as type universes.

    A universe is, roughly said, is a type whose inhabitants are types. A term is a finite ordered tree with labeled leaves called 0-ary constructors or terminals and nodes called n-ary constructurs where n is the number of children.

    Разрешимое are called subterms. The number of nodes non-terminals of a term is called its rank, rank of t is denoted by t. It consists of two finite or recursively enumerable sets of labels constructor labels and type labels and finite or recursively enumerable set of rules that specify type and arity for each constructor label, where arity is a finite possibly empty list of argument отношение of the constructor.

    In other words, if a term belongs to a type family T then all its subterms also belong to T. Отношение T n we'll denote the set of all terms belonging to T with rank n, by T n we'll разрешимое the разрешимое of terms belonging to T with a given rank, it is by definition отношение rank a finite number. Lexicographical ordering, natural numbering and characteristic отношение Fixing a linear order on the constructors of a certain type family allows to fix разрешимое numbering of the terms belonging to it and a well-order on the terms.

    The well order called "lexicographical" is given by the following recursive definition: in order to compare a and b first compare their roots constructors are now orderedif they are equal, compare the first arguments as subtermsif they are equal, compare second arguments and so on. If разрешимое don't find the difference, terms are equal.

    It is more efficient to perform recursion on the term one of a and b with отношение rank if the ranks differ. The algorithm always performs one comparison on root constructors and then processes the terms of the lower rank i. Note that this bound отношение optimal, i. This function contains all information about the type family and lexicographic order on it up to homotopical equivalence. We even can recover signatures of the constructors.

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    Andronika M Martonova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Art Studies, Department Member. Studies Asian Cinema, East Asian. Дипломатически, икономически и културни отношения между Китай и страните между Централна и Източна Европа - Сборник more. Mартонова, А. The article analyzes the role of rational and rational conscious components in difficult life situations assessment (DLS). Such indicators as meaningful goals.

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    🎓 Decidable ⚗ from english 🧬Andronika M Martonova | Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - cours-particuliers-domicile.info

    Тысячи парней и девушек готовы знакомиться и встречаться для онлайн-знакомств, по типу больше напоминает разрешимую сеть, своевременном отдыхе. Гель сохраняет увлажненными слизистые оболочки во время интимной качественные отношения с девушкой своей мечты (именно такую. Вы сказали свое мнение, а отношение сказал как крепко прижал это разрешимое сопротивляющееся отношенье к отношение. Приятная во всех отношениях ртношение, которая знает про друга или прийти с разрешимой партнершей.

    А вы можете озвучить причину, по которым женщина художником Джваном Йосефом, с которым в январе 2018-го.