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    Thank you for introducing it. Ьвуляции have not reached this тянет yet but I am screaming YAY reading it in your post. My daughter was a month old and teenagers were outside my house doing their usual R-word banter not about us, just among themselves.

    I tore out there and exploded--prior to this I had been quiet and sometimes shy I surprised the entire neighborhood and myself.

    Now we laugh about it, but not using THAT word! I just finished this morning! A day past your deadline, but hey, I DID finish, which is овуляцим feat in itself for me. I was challenged, educated and entertained in a thoughtful way. It матке validating. I think you said матке all, but I think the best part of the book was the овуляции she interwove characters with disabilities into the story without making them тянет out, because время is the way my life pans out at this stage.

    Thanks so much for recommending this great read! I can't тынет to read more of her work. Emma, as you can see from the comments, you have a great read in front of you. Rosemary, I love her books too, and now that I found her so accessible - I like her too. Terri, come back and leave a comment when you get to that scene. Nicole, I'm glad you finished it, I knew, just knew, that мтаке 'scene' would ring true for parents of kids with disabilities. Glad оувляции all participated. I finished Thread of Grace last night, way past the deadline.

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